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Davis Hall Wellesley, Mass Oct. 4, 1942 Dear Mom and Pop, You both wrote such nice letters on Friday - they seemed even more interesting than usual - if that were possible! And thanks for the $2. It’s such fun to get a little extra now and then-I’d sort of like to get something special. Can’t report as to whether or not I got an A in my Chem. quiz since we haven’t gotten them back yet. It was a good quiz and I enjoyed doing it; Carol checked some of the answers I got and they all seemed to be right in her reckoning. So here’s hoping! Wouldn’t that be fun? That would be quite something to get my only A’s in college in Chemistry, wouldn’t it? Maybe I should have been a scientist-but I don’t think so! Since Thursday they have been having a Far-Eastern Conference here, laying most emphasis on China as the conference is being held specifically in honor of the Mayling Soon Foundation which has been established for furthering interests in the far east- in Mme. Chiang’s name. Will enclose [page break] program. Live yesterday the famous chinese philosopher and author was speaker on the opening night and alumnae Hall was absolutely jammed for it. He spoke very well and forcefully and made several humorous remarks. I think he startled a lot of people thinking that never had before-”especially some of the faculty who get so involved in their own fields they are likely to lose sight of the whole...etc.”-end quote. That was one of his main points (not driving at the faculty necessarily though). Everybody was very fond of his talk. We were trying to figure out whether or not he was a Christian, but decided he was a Confucian as he spoke of him quite a bit. Then Friday morning there was a lecture on “The Economics and Geographic Foundations of China” for which I got a bible out to go to. It was mostly slides - many colored - of various parts of China. It was a good background lecture he gave showing some of the factors influencing the Chinese people. Then this morning in Chapel - Harry P. Van Dusm spoke on “Christianity in the Far East.” This was also very good and enlightening. I rather like him as a speaker. He’s never seemed especially “puffed up” when I’ve heard him speak. I enjoyed the Bible tea Thursday, but the circumstances surrounding it were sort of funny. When I was invited they said it [page break] would be from 4-5, but to get there as soon as I could as the guest they had could be there early on that hour. Well at teas usually you can go whenever you want so I took my time, having had a lab and lecture already that afternoon, and got there about 4:20-it was in the bible office. When I got outside the door it sounded as if only one person were speaking and they were all either sitting down. Needless to say I didn’t want to break in at that point. I paced the hall for 5 minutes wondering what to do, then decided to go out of the side offices which open into the main room. I sat on the floor outside until someone came out then one of the profs told me to go in and sit down so I did. It seems that the guest had been in England recently and was telling about the condition of Church, etc., over there. It was a nice affair - and I saw my friend Miss Gwen, my bible teacher of last year, who is on leave this semester, but living in Tourno[?]; she seemed glad to see me. We have been giving Maura Freeman a royal time since she is new here (since Friday P. M). It’s quite a different experience for her to be up here midst the girls when she is used to so many boys. We treated her pretty well and she had a lovely time- just left after dinner today. She went to classes yesterday morning; in the afternoon we took her up [page break] to Sage and Skeets. Showed her the rats and guinea pigs they’re experimenting with in 200/ogg; she had to feed hers; then I took her through the greenhouses which she quite enjoyed. She invited us all to supper, at the Inn last nite, but Elena and I couldn’t go-which I’ll explain later. Mrs. Furman[?]’s awfully nice-you’d like her a lot. She had the room right next to Carol’s which made it convenient. Last nite, Elena and I went to a meeting in Belmont which is just the other side of Cambridge. It was one of those Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship meetings which, if you recall, we went to once last year. There were representatives from various colleges there-it was a meeting to get sort of organized for the year. There were about 15 there and all the nicest people. They were just wonderful. We had a fine time and made some plans for the year. The representatives from Harvard were some who had been there last year and were needless to saw, swell kids. It took us 1 ½ hours to get to the place via bus, but we got there on time. we had to take the late train home and were pretty glad to flop into bed. Have played part of my match-one set each so far. The girl I play is so nice that it’s really fun and the 1st match I haven’t really needed playing-she’s such a swell player. How’s the job? Do you have to work Sunday’s? I shouldn’t think that would be so nice. Sure hope you’re getting along O.K., am thinking of you lots. Would say more but haven’t enough to fill another page, so will quit. My love - plenty of it -Jeannie


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