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Tower Court Wellesley, Mass. May 26, 1930 Dearest Mother, I can scarcely believe that all will be over three weeks from today. Betty has asked me to drive to Rochester with her. We would leave here Tuesday morning, May 17, and get to Rochester early May 18. I could take a train from there and be home the 19th. What are Robert’s plans? May 28,1930 Got waylaid during a seminar paper for Latin. Managed to make them all laugh most of the time while I read it, so perhaps it was worth staying up late to type. [page break] I received your nice letter today and was glad to hear about Robert, about the reunion, Marian’s coming marriage and snatches of your daily life. How we do fasten[?] on the news of this and that. We would probably be frightened by the vacuum if we did not. I suppose you know I have no job for the summer. The bank job is not for a “temporary” person. I’ll come home and then look around. Helen has a wild idea about being a waitress this summer. She is determined to go to Yale next year, by hook or by crook. I am trying to enjoy these last days, but I get sadder every day. The azaleas and rhododendrons [page break] are at their best now in the gully before the library. The lake seems more mystical and the embodiment of much I can only feel and never quite put into words. And the swallows, blue ones that we don’t have at home. They are the most senseless, fascinating creatures the way they swoop around Tower Hill and then back over the lake. I stood in the cold rain Sunday for a long time watching them. I could have touched them as they passed. It is so beautiful here and I love the work and my friends. Sometimes I stand and look at them and think that soon they too will fade [page break] into lazy memories. And they are so real to me now that it is torture. Oh this life of continual uprootings and no permanent ties! One of the seniors here, no more than a friendly acquaintance whom I have known in my classes, is coming out to Martinsville to the Home Lawn with her mother for a couple of weeks immediately after commencement. She wants me to play tennis and help while away the hours. I’ll introduce her to Katy and Evelyn and I’m sure she’ll have a good time. She is very nice. She’s getting married around the first of July! Going to Bermuda [page break] on her honeymoon. Her mother, Mrs. Trotter, a widow, has been at the H-L several times before. It is raining a sleepy drizzle. Maybe I can get some sleep tonight. Have not been sleeping well lately. Gretel Arndt is coming out to commencement, will be here the 9th. I guess she will have to be my “family.” I am so glad to see her again. I thought last June that maybe I never would. I’d like to put her in a book some day-maybe this summer? Perhaps I’d better not work for buying new clothes but give myself the leisure for some of my fantastic dreams… And then what if I discover I can’t do anything? Well, anyway, g’night! Lots of love, Grace


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