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Wellesley, Mass. Sept. 21, 1927 Fisk House Dearest Mother, I have done the most standing in line and running around in the last two days than ever before in my life. I have yet to find out about my Math. If I have to take more Math, that will knock out my French, and I would certainly hate that. My subjects will be Greek, Latin, Bible, Zoology, one hour of Hygiene, and either Mathematics or French. [page break] I’ll be glad when it is all settled. Tomorrow morning I have my physical examination. I hear that it takes about two hours! In the afternoon we are supposed to take a gym examination in all sorts of apparatus work to see whether we get credit for last years work! I’ll probably be taking gym from here on out. The trunks came at last, and now I am all settled. Ah yes, I got my gym things yesterday, and changed my slip-on sweater for a coat sweater. That was two dollars more so I had to write a check on the [page break] First National since I had no money with me. You had better deposit it to my account. I can’t find my glasses anywhere, I must have left them at home. Of course, I’ll need them soon! The campus is certainly beautiful here. There are so many wonderful buildings that I can’t get them all straightened out. I’ll send you pictures of them later. I like the girls immensely and know I am going to have a wonderful year. It sounds very hard and foreboding at first, but I am not going to let it [page break] scare me. I only hope I don’t have to give up French. The heads of the Greek and Latin departments were awfully nice to me and said they were glad I was choosing a classical major. The head of the Latin dept. knows Dean Byrne and so does Mary Fraser Smith. I forgot to explain about the zoology. I chose that for my science since they do not have Biology. I’ll probably have fits dissecting worms, frogs, rabbits, cats, etc, I get a chill thinking about it, but I’ll get along alright. There are 30 transfers and were 150 to 200 applicants for advanced studying. The other Western girl didn’t get in. Tell dad please to send me a $5 allowance and right away. Write soon-I haven’t had a letter yet. With much love, Grace


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