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Sunday Dearest- Ah hah, Sunday-a bit of a grey Sunday I must admit., but we really aren’t too noticing about it. Because you see, we’ve gone in search of peace and quiet away from the radios and interruptions of Cazenove. No, not to the woods today-but to the administration building! The library was equally out of the question-distractions, etc., so we found Green Hall open, and also discovered a seminar room where we could be free and undisturbed. But at this point, I’m feeling a bit lazy-and decided to take a few minutes off. Have been studying rather intensely-which probably won’t do a great deal of good, but is balm to the conscience afterwards. Did I tell you Lee and I found a grand pine hill, [page break] to which we bicycle, spread out our blanket, take off our shoes and socks and -other necessities-and sit there in the sun, wind and tall pines, study-yes, actually study, the prophets of Israel and the great musicians of the world. We’ve even taken typewriters along, and I’ve outlined topics of the history of Israel and the history of music.-The exams being respectively Tuesday and Thursday. Except for mosquitoes-to which we’ve become immune, and an occasional caterpillar, we have really managed very beautifully. Incidentally, we’re gradually getting bronzed. I found out definitely that we both sing morning and evening of the 17th (Sunday) So I couldn’t come home with you. However, I think It would be excellent and grandiloquent if you and Mildred could come out Saturday, take my incidentals and the trunk on the rear, and let me follow you by bus [page break] as soon as I could get ready, probably Monday on the 10 o’clock bus (no sense taking the train-and I will get that long-deferred bus ride, so there!) Do you think the plan is possible? I doubt if it proves as expensive that way, especially if the trunk can fit on the rack, and I’m quite sure it will. Then I shall return home and begin studying again! But I think that [?] is simply grand! Only 3 times a week, and 3 units-without the bother of a classroom, and with probable rapid learning on an individualistic basis. Of course the $24 is very good-I mean it’s not so pleasant, but I suppose it amounts to practically the same as Albany with it’s $15, and gas over and back every day for 6 weeks. Do you suppose [page break] I might even persuade the gentleman to make the course 6 days a week for 3 weeks? It would be just as easy for me, and much more satisfactory, I should think. I told you that Wellesley did accept Union and all I have to do is make the proper application here and we’re all hunky dory I hope. Are you sure he is in an official position to give me credit for summer school work at Union though? I’d hate to have any slip ups, but guess it’s O.K. There’s so much I want to do this summer that the time is going to be altogether too short, I know-but-I’m looking forward to it, once these hug bears[?], conventionally speaking, are over. Spose I’d better get back to them now. If you don’t hear much news or word, please don’t worry-the schedule is Mon-comp paper due (June 4) Tues Bible Wed. Speech exam Thurs. Music Friday-Miss Dutcher, Tea Miss Perkins house to read final papers (June 4) Monday - Psych (June 13) - Econ. So- My continued love and regards to Cunnin’-Psychology - Peter - Ginger


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