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19th Birthday 1933 Tuesday AM. 8:10!! Mother Darling- Yes, I’m up, dressed, had breakfast, and have opened by “ducky” presents. It was so much fun to open so many, and I love ‘em all. I gave another girl my 2nd bar of Pittsfield soap, so I may have to use the V-one. But it’s so cute I hate to. 10:30 Just got back from my physical and medical exam, and found all the letters on my desk. Gosh it was grand. Three special delivery letters in one day!!!! I’m so excited I can’t think of a thing to say except how grand it was of you to bother late last night when you’d already thought of [page break] so many wonderful things for me. I think I’m practically the luckiest person existing, and I sure do appreciate it. And the girls have been awfully friendly. I had my appointment and got my credentials n’ everything in the afternoon, and 2 juniors came to see me, and some other transfers, so we all went down to the girls’ room and ate candy, then after dinner 5 of us went down to the Village just to look around, came back and danced to my radio and we all had a meeting at 10. And then the House Mother asked us not to plug in our radios until we were settled permanently, as they were supposed to be officially inspected, approved and connected by an [page break] electrician, after having received permission and paid the fee! So I’ll have to sit with my ear glued to it so it can’t be heard out of my room. Did you ever hear of such an idiotic thing? “Now in Pomona!” I’ll probably be so busy I won’t have much chance to listen anyway. Went in and talked to the girl next door last nite after the meeting, and l like her very much. Can’t even think of her first name, but her last name is Underhill. They come from all over-Sweetbriar, Northwestern-she’s cute too-names Doris Lane-Minnesota and whatnot. One of the girls knows Norman Philbrick, [page break] and one Loring Hutchinson, the guy who didn’t dare chisel on his steady gal to take me out. And the Underhill girl is from Scarsdale and knows Betty Heussler, the one who was at Madison, remember? So far I haven’t found anyone very snotty, cause we’re all in the same boat and nobody knows exactly where they’re going to be. I have an idea-it’s Cazenove though, of course we found out if we asked for mail at the main post office, they would tell us where we were registered, and to go there to get it, and Cazenove was the Hall she had after my name. So I guess that’s it. We move Thursday and I called up the express agency to hold by trunk, so that’s O.K.-I hope. [page break] Wore my sweater set today and felt more Birthday-ified than ever. Sorry we can’t celebrate it together, but I’m thinkin’ about ya, and maybe you ‘all are thinkin’ about me, so that’s pretty near as good. Anyway it’s a grand day - sunny with some nice white clouds floating around outside of my window. I was so glad to know you got home without any trouble. It was nice of Ralph to be there. He wrote me a letter too - very sweet - said he was rushing around packing furniture for registration on Wednesday, and that he loved me and wished me a happy birthday. So [page break] what? I write him and wish him Merry Christmas I guess. Oh, I forgot the menus- Luncheon - ham, creamed potatoes, tomatoes, bread, bananas. Dinner - Roast beef, sweet potatoes, boiled onions, bread, and chocolate cake with whipped cream. And I’m hungry for lunch now, so if I keep on eating, you won’t have to worry about my not gaining. Anyway, on the scales this morning I weighed 125. And that’s 8 more pounds than when I started Pomomy[?]-so there! Now don’t worry about me darling, cause I shall take good care of myself, and shall be very good besides. How’s that? Bye - I shall stroll to the Village with this so you’ll be sure of it. Love and millions more also a couple of kisses from your child-


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