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We report oscillator strengths for six strong vibrational bands between 105.0 and 115.2 nm, associated with transitions from the v = 0 level of the X 1Σ+ ground state to the v = 0 and 1 levels of the B 1Σ+, C 1Σ+, and E 1Π states, in 12C16O, 12C17O, 12C18O, 13C16O, and 13C18O. These measurements extend the development of a comprehensive database of line positions, oscillator strengths, and linewidths of photodissociating transitions for all astrophysically relevant CO isotopologues. The E–X bands, in particular, play central roles in CO photodissociation and fractionationmodels of interstellar clouds and circumstellar disks including the early solar nebula. The resolving powers of the room-temperature measurements, R = 300,000–400,000, allow for the analysis of individual line strengths within bands; the measurements reveal J-dependences in the branch intensities of the C(v = 0,1)–X(0) and E(v = 0,1)–X(0) bands in all isotopologues. Minimal or no isotopologue dependence was found in the f-values of the C(v = 0,1)–X(0) and E(v = 0,1)–X(0) bands at a ∼5% uncertainty level. Revised dissociation branching ratios for the C(v = 0,1) and E(v = 0,1) levels are computed based on these f-values. The weak isotopologue dependence of the f-values presented here eliminates this mechanism as an explanation for the large 17O enrichments seen in recent laboratory photolysis experiments on CO at wavelengths from 105 to 108 nm.


Published in: The Astrophysical Journal, 788:67 (13pp), 2014 June 10.

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