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The objective of this commentary is to propose some fruitful research direction built upon the reciprocal interplay of social media and collective intelligence. We focus on “wicked problems” — a class of what Introne et al. 2013 call “problems for which no single computational formulation of the problem is sufficient, for which different stakeholders do not even agree on what the problem really is, and for which there are no right or wrong answers, only answers that are better or worse from different points of view”. We argue that information systems research in particular can aid in designing appropriate systems due to benefits derived from the combined perspectives of both social media and collective intelligence. We document the relevance and timeliness of social media and collective intelligence for business and information systems engineering, pinpoint needed functionality of information systems for wicked problems, describe related research challenges, highlight prospective suitable methods to tackle those challenges, and review examples of initial results.


The final version has been published in Business & Information Systems Engineering, Vol.6, Issue 1, January, 2014.