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This paper introduces a novel network, the co-retweeted network, that is constructed as the undirected weighted graph that connects highly visible accounts who have been retweeted by members of the audience during some real-time event. Like bibliographics co-citation used to indicate that two papers treat a related subject matter, co-retweeting is used to indicate that two accounts present similar opinions in an online discussion. Thus, the co-retweeted network can be seen as a form of consulting the opinion of the crowd that is following the discussion about the similarity (or difference) of positions expressed by the highly visible accounts. When applied on political conversations related to some event, the co-retweeted network enables the measurement of the polarity of political orientation of major players (including news organizations) based on the views of the audience. It can also measure the degree of polarization of the event itself.


The final version is available through SCITEPRESS Digital Library (Science and Technology Press)