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To detect data races that harm production systems, program analysis must target production runs. However, sound and precise data race detection adds too much run-time overhead for use in production systems. Even existing approaches that provide soundness or precision incur significant limitations.

This work addresses the need for soundness (no missed races) and precision (no false races) by introducing novel, efficient production-time analyses that address each need separately. (1) Precise data race detection is useful for developers, who want to fix bugs but loathe false positives. We introduce a precise analysis called RaceChaser that provides low, bounded run-time overhead. (2) Sound race detection benefits analyses and tools whose correctness relies on knowledge of all potential data races. We present a sound, efficient approach called Caper that combines static and dynamic analysis to catch all data races in observed runs. RaceChaser and Caper are useful not only on their own; we introduce a framework that combines these analyses, using Caper as a sound filter for precise data race detection by RaceChaser.

Our evaluation shows that RaceChaser and Caper are efficient and effective, and compare favorably with existing state-of-the-art approaches. These results suggest that RaceChaser and Caper enable practical data race detection that is precise and sound, respectively, ultimately leading to more reliable software systems.