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Let K be a family of structures, closed under isomorphism, in a fixed computable language. We consider effective lists of structures from K such that every structure in K is isomorphic to exactly one structure on the list. Such a list is called a computable classification of K, up to isomorphism. Using the technique of Friedberg enumeration, we show that there is a computable classification of the family of computable algebraic fields, and that with a 0'-oracle, we can obtain similar classifications of the families of computable equivalence structures and of computable finite-branching trees. However, there is no computable classification of the latter, nor of the family of computable torsion-free abelian groups of rank 1, even though these families are both closely allied with computable algebraic fields.


This is the final accepted version of the following article:

Classifications of structures, K. Lange, R. Miller, and R. Steiner, To appear in Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic.