United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton O. Nov. 17th, 1863 Dear Husband, Here are the over socks and Sella's little cushion. The socks cannot be made pretty, but they are warm, and I think both heart and feet will glow whenever they are worn; loving hands have made them. Yours of the 11th just came last night. The relics were interesting to us all, as was your account of things generally; I hope however the *sutters* will treat you better than old Uncle Sam does. It seems to me that our good President would try to have hard tack provided that was less populous, if he could see a little of that which is served out to you. We were out to dine at *Jere's* today and I could not help thinking of your hard fare in contrast with the substantial viands spread before us. We must try to make up for it when you come to see us. Cannot you sniff the odors from afar and feel refreshed; as do the poor at the kitchen windows of the rich? Your trunk turned up today, and it now appears that it has been here several weeks, but they say it was not directed to Father, whereas Mr *McCardy* says he did so direct it. Now you may send me the key. The children are all in bed excepting Sella, Oh! dear, Mary is waking! Betty is trying to get her to sleep again She cryed all last evening, or my package would have gone this morning. I am afraid she is going to cut her teeth early, which I consider a misfortune She is still improving however, and notices every thing that comes in her way Her Grandfather is always pleased and amused with the bashful way she laughingly shrugs her shoulders and drops her head whenever he speaks to her. By the time you come, you may expect some pleasure with her, unless she is afraid of your whiskers and mustache. I don't believe she will allow much kissing from you. Mayhap she will change her mind however about that as some people have done before her! Sella has just said her prayers, kissed me (for she has washed her teeth) and gone to bed. She has a funny habit of yawning just at the closing line; and it seems impossible to break her of it. What will become of me? I cannot get time to read anything more than the news of the day. It is nurse, cut out and sew all the time, with an occasional walk; the nursing being all that is thoroughly done. I got a fit of discouragement on me last night in consequence and felt that I was of no use to anyone I read the flattering account of Miss *Chase* and her wedding, and it seemed to me that she could keep her husband up socially, so much better than I could that I fear I envied her somewhat To be sure his money will enable her to dispense with the drudgery of life and leave her more time for other things; still I don't believe my tastes or talents would be sufficient to enable me to act the graceful pleasing hostess, if I had the means I cannot throw off care. Enough of this however, I need one of your lectures, and will say thank you for one of them. This paper is partly to blame for this bad penmanship, as it will blot; hasty writing however must share the blame I must now close and do up the package, almost wishing I could go with it. - Much love and many kisses #are sent with it from a loving wife. A.#



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