United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton O. July 19th. 1863 Dear Husband, Your letter written with a pencil alarmed me not a little, at first sight. The first thought was that you were in the City helping put down the riots, the next that you were ill. I could not but feel relieved when I found it was a sprain, although I knew you must have suffered, still it was not as dangerous as either mob or fever. - I fear your weight is too great for your ankles, and you will be obliged to be cautious. Is it the same foot that was hurt Winter before last? Poor dear man! Who helped you? or did you have to heat water and put on bandages yourself? I know I would have done better for you than any one else, and it does seem too bad that I could not have been with you. Oh! it will be perfectly delightful to be quietly settled together once more. And yet I am afraid I shall be a stupid companion for some time; as the old sleepiness that always troubled me when nursing is coming back, perhaps when little Mary is less restless, there will be an improvement in me. - I quite dread having my nurse leave me, as the baby does not sleep well through the night. do not be alarmed about her; she is growing finely and cannot be much out of the way; some slight derangement of her bowels is what causes the pain; and it will doubtless pass away when I am a little stronger, and able to take her with me when I ride. What think you? Charlotte Verian is married again! I believe to some Musical Director named Hoffman; it was said that they were giving Concerts in Buffalo, he staying at the hotel with his troupe and she at Mary *Knowllon's*. I fear a marriage of convenience! Which to me is perfectly horrible! I think she might have known what true marriage was, with her first husband, unless she did not herself know how to love, If she has sold herself to an unprincipled musician I do pity her. The Cincinnati Commercial of yesterday said that both Gen. Wool and Gen. Brown had been relieved; what does it mean? Rufus Ring helped Father to a Herald yesterday, from which I learned something of the movements of our officers. What did Wood mean by firing blank cartridges? hardly a time to waste powder I should think. And pray what force had you left to defend the Fort? You would certainly have had a hard time if the mob had come; of that I had not felt apprehensive. - Afternoon - Just finished dressing myself and those two mischievous boys; consequent by my hand is trembling not a little. They have alarmed me lately by climbing on the balustrade of the upper porch. If you can say something to help me in this matter I wish you would. I find myself quite unable to enforce obedience when out of sight; and am very uneasy about them. - I just took one of those large heavy locust-thorns from Robby, telling him that it would put out his eyes if he stuck it into them; he said "in Morgan's," meaning that it was intended for Morgan's eyes. - Isn't it a shame that neither Indiana nor Ohio could catch him. - Mary sent you a paper last Thursday for Cooper's great horse was not taken; some other one was; but there seems to be a doubt as to who did take it; whether some of our men or Morgan's. Old Joe told the one that wanted the great horse that he should have his scalp taken off if he touched it. Nothing new to tell you dear One; I hope to hear that you are well when you next write; but don't #keep the truth from me if you are not. How do you manage your meals? I do wish I could give you some of the little comforts you need. It won't do to live this way very long dearest, so let's close up the rebellion speedily and come back to us in a *month* Love from all and Goodbye, Augusta#



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