United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton O. March 14th 1861 Dear Husband, I am afraid the children will interrupt me too much to let me write, but as it seems likely that you will be detained longer than you thought, when you last wrote, I know you will look for and from home. Uncle John just left me; He said he had a letter from Judge Storer which he would send to you to hand to the President. He says he has telegraphed to you but could get no answer. and that *Rirsted* said you were in New York; he asked him how he knew that? "Oh I know", was the answer; so I suppose you are closely watched by those interested in your movements. So for the Cirty Solicitorship, Uncle says that Sulivan and Lovell are the only contestants, and he thinks he can get rid of Sulivan easily enough. Perhaps he will write to you himself when he sends the Storer letter, I hope the latter may not be needed. We spent the afternoon of yesterday at Mr. Brady's. Eliza brought her sewing and sat with us. Luther had just got his appointment, and looked quite bright; yet did not quite like going to Washington. Reports were incorrect as to Harshman's child, there are some hopes of its recovery; Rufus King's was still alive at noon, but not expected to live. One of Brown's children (at the old house) is considered hopeless. All these are sick with Scarlet Fever. At Carroll's the daughter has Whooping Cough. It does seem as if the season was peculiarly fatal to young children and the aged. Mrs *S* was buried this morning. Thus far our little ones seem very well for which I am terriblingly thankful, not knowing what a day may bring forth. To have us all safely reunited is the all-pervading wish of my heart. With the Office of course if possible, but with or without, I hope it may be soon. I see by the morning's Commercial that Comly, Farrer and Denny are spoken of as the aspirants, and heard too that Wade says that the latter shall have it. I thought the latter gentleman had withdrawn, what does it all mean? Mary and Lib were her today, Robby was kissing and hugging Mary so hard, that she came to the conclusion that his love for her was very great, and that he would miss her very much when you returned. The little fellow still talks about you, and the others are very anxious to see you. Rob has just been to me to have his finger "tissed" for some slight hurt received.I was quite amused at one of Robby VanAusdel's smart doings. There is a gate between the two lots of Smith and VanAusdel, and the former and his family were in the habit of going through VanAusdel's as a common thing, spoiling this grass, very much to his annoyance, which I suppose he incentiously expressed before the child; where upon Mr. Robby hailed James Manning one day and informed him that his papa didn't like his making use of his * in such manner. Of course he was offended; and V. tried to smooth it over, but was cut short by the remark that "he, (James or Robby) had it from headquarters". Moral. Never have a gate between your own and neighbor's lot; or if you must be so foolish, be sure to hold you tongue before smart little girls and boys. Well Darling, I didn't write because I had much to say, but because I know you like to hear just a little from home. I wish you could have had the caress I received just now from Rob, it was very sweet but spoiled my writing somewhat, and could have been spared to you. _ Write often and fully if you can without overtaxing yourself. Love and kisses from All to our dearest One, Augusta #A letter came from Cincinnati in regard to the London Art Union subscription, which they hoped you would renew by the 1st. *pnt* Descriptions of prizes were given and regulations too but the *papers heavy* and the times of your return too uncertain, to send this to you.#



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