United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton O. July 1st 1863 Dear Husband, I am anxiously awaiting the coming of your Sunday's letter. - I received one from you last Monday, also one from *Nannie*. Yesterday one from Mary Van Derpool arrived, and today Mary received one from Howard. now if yours is only brought today all will be right. I do not wish to be selfish, but hope you will write as often as possible, and help me bear this hot tedious confinement. - I am doubly anxious about you now, as war news becomes more exciting, and as I see too that your Com. Officer seems so determined to be spiteful. - Please be careful to do everything according to Regulations yourself. You are so inclined I know, but might possibly be thrown off your guard, which I think it his game to make you do if possible. Just read your dear letter, my dearest and feel better for it you may be sure. By this time you have received my note with Father's and know my "matter of fact" name for my little girl. If you don't like it say so, but for goodness sake don't suggest any such long name as Al______ __ I can't get through it myself, what would poor Robbie do if he tried to pronounce it? *Em* and *Lide* were just saying last evening that 'Mary Bruen' was such a pretty little name; I know your associations are not quite as pleasant as they might be, but when our little darling becomes the sweet little girl that her present looks give me reason to expect, the old will give way to the new and all be pleasant I think your monogram very pretty indeed, but like the old fashioned shape for envelopes better than the new. The $20.00 came safely, many thanks for it. - Who is Col. Crane? Wasn't he the Officer who came down with Gen. Brown to look for a house? I have one of the sweetest of white roses by me from Mrs. Brady's. - All was well there and pretty well at Eliza's. I must close as it is difficult to write while half reclining. Next Sunday I expect to sit up for the first time. I am delighted at your approval of my "love letter; as I almost feared you would think me foolish; my heart overflows sometimes, and what you receive is but a feeble expression of it. - Baby wants me more precious dear One, so Goodbye. Thine Augusta P.S. Mary & Henrietta went yesterday to Sandusky with Father, to return on Friday



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