United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


1 page; following Augusta's letter is the letter from Samuel Forrer of the same date


Dayton O. June 28th 1863 Dear Luther, I thought you would be glad to hear from me in my own hand writing; so have taken my pencil to assure you that I am immeasurably well. - I was sick from half past four, Friday morning till twenty minutes past twelve when our little Mary was born; a well formed healthy child weighing 9 1/2 pounds. All has gone on well since and I have an excellent nurse. For all of which my own one, I am truly thankful, and know you too will be. - Uncle J. telegraphed you on Friday. - No letter from you since Wednesday. - Children anxious to have you see the little sister. - Love and kisses from all - Thine Ever. Augusta We have a letter from Howard dated *leewphin* June 17. Hunter Odlin has resigned his commission and is now at home - I have not seen him but some of my family did see him while I was about from home - Howard is in good health and Hunter says he is quite fleshy - *Mr.* Brady and *Mr. Carwin* were here last night - all are well with their families - I just returned from Toledo last evening - Frank and Robbie meet me at the gate and hurried me forward to see "the baby" - Rob was most anxious that I should see its feet! but nurse thought it best not to disturb baby, and promised Rob that Grandpa should see babys feet when next she bathed her - It is raining and the boys are necessarily but reluctantly trying to amuse themselves in the house - Sella is, I believe, reading with Betty - all are well Yours Truly, L.B. Bruen *Samuel* Forrer



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