United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton O. March 12th. 1861 Dear Husband, Mr. & Mrs. Brady, and Eliza have just left. Eliza said she thought I might as well tell you of a report that is circulated just now, it is that Father is trying to get the Office to transfer to you; that he already has a situation that brings in $2000 a year and consequently does not need it. His age is apparently not taken into account; the just as if he could transfer! it is very ridiculous. I don't know that it will make any difference to you, but thought I would mention it. William Comly has written or *Autographed* that it *is* between him and Father, and that his prospects are very bright. So I suppose they are; an editor who can be used for party purposes of course will have the advantage. Yet I will in spite of myself keep on wishing that it may be for it does seem to be exactly that plan for Father; and his present employment quite too hard for him. Well, well, if it must be so, we must ever bear the new misfortune. Do write more fully; you have no idea how trying it is to hear so little about the matter, Mary says tell him to tell us the worst he thinks, and not leave us in suspense. That is enough of my sad foreboding for you to hear; no doubt your anxiety needs relief, in cheerful words from home, where I heartily wish you were again; I had hoped to bear your absense much more bravely than I have; in spite of my efforts to prevent them, frequent attacks of the "Blues" will come. You will have to cure them. Your hasty scrawl (yes, Sir, that's the word exactly) came this morning; making me wonder what took you to New York without satisfying me in the least. You have said nothing about having heard from home since you left, althought I presumed from you having written to Sella that you had received at least one letter. I have written three. I was indeed surprised at the reconciliation of which you spoke. I don't care particularly about the gentleman, though it is best to be on good terms with everyone, but I am very glad on account of Mrs. W. Be sure you show her the pictures of our little pets, if you have the opportunity. _Sella pleased me very much today; she expected to go out home with Mother and Jere; when the time came Frank begged to go too, but could not be taken; now it has happened several times lately that she has been taken and he left, so Mother said, "I'll take you some other time dear, don't fret little brother now", and the poor child immediately assented and got out of the wagon, though I could see it was a hard struggle with her. Of course, she got petted up for it afterwards but she did not know that she would be and I think deserved credit for her conduct. Old Mrs. Steele died last night; she has been failing rapidly the past week and scarcely noticed any thing just before her death. Poor Joes, it is said, seems much distressed. _ A child of Ruford King is probably dead; little Bella, of whom Charley V. so often speaks. Reuben Harshman has also lost a child with Scarlet Fever. Mrs. Heckler is gone at last, leaving her property to be a lasting quarrel between her relatives and her husband, I suppose from what I hear. Persons living on the Cemetery road, say that they are reminded of Cholera times by the number of funerals that pass them daily. _ Truly this is a doleful letter! I hope you won't get it though for I cannot but think, so much do I wish it, that you may be on your way home before this reaches Washington. Oh, what a blessed day that will be that brings you safely back to us! You must never go away again; for we cannot afford to go along and cannot afford to do without you; Just let us say goodbye to all Public Offices after this it costs more to get them than they are worth. #Goodbye Dearest till we meet again, I think I shall not write again. Your love Augusta#



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