United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton O. June 10th 1863 Dear Husband, Sella brought me your letter just as a good rain set in. Both letter and rain refreshed me. Day before yesterday Lib took me in her carriage with some of her children, and Father took Mother and our children in the spring wagon, out to Stillwater. We were after ferns and moss with which to ornament the little alley behind our house; we have made a different arrangement, and now have a walk through from front to back and have the fern beds between the windows. Father and Mother worked hard at them, but I sent for Shaeffer to help and, I think when the fence is painted and a few more rains like this shall water our yard it will look quite pretty all over. Father had already done some hard work, before I came and it looked much better than usual. Our two boys give some trouble, for they are not content to dig down in the alley but want to try their shovels all through the front part. I despair of ever having the grass grow under the cedar trees, for they are always running to the fence and playing thereabouts. Frank was invited to a party at *Vanbusdal's* today, and Mart very kindly sent word that she would take charge of him. Mary thought however that she had better go and take care of both him and Bess, but behold Bess and Mary were both too unwell to go, Frank needed shoes which his crippled Mother couldn't get; and to crown all it rained, so the little man stayed at home. You ask about the refrigerator, it was $10.50. -- As to that 'secret' boarding house, Father says, stay there and convert the landlady! Will that quiet your conscience? What does Mrs. V. say? Thoroughly disgusted I suspect! Mary says, thank you for your exertions to get her books, and also, that the box of love was sent, and Express paid, can't have been delivered *H.H.*!! I gave Uncle John the check to-day, asked him to have it cashed and pay the taxes. I have not heard from him since. I wish now to pay taxes, paint the fence, get some pants for Frank, some sewing done; pay washwoman; and try to save out Nurse's wages. I don't know whether I can or not, particularly as I want to offer Uncle John a part or whole of what we owe him; $25.00. I don't want you to forget that I had to pay $22.50 Express charges out of the $26.00 you gave me. I am only trying to keep myself honor bright in your eyes, my good man, by these statements. Uncle J. said he spoke to Robert just before he went away, but could not get him to do any thing. Perhaps you will succeed better with him if you receive a visit. R. and Eliza met me at Priscilla's Sunday evening and we took tea together. E. is not well, and Kitty says today that they think Sally is taking the mumps! While in the woods the other day Robby took hold of some moss, and, very much to his surprise pulled off a large piece; he brought it to me "now Mamma! now Mamma! now you like me?" He always asks this question if he *he* is particularly pleased with any thing he has done. -- It is late and I have sewed a great deal today, so will finish in the morning. Good night dearest. Morning -- It has rained all night, so we are well pleased. All well as usual, and trying to get along well. I feel perfectly at home, but it seems as if you were off on a visit, rather a long one too, but I am not repining; mind you write very often #letter days are my happiest days. I think you too enjoy them and I will try to write punctually till I am sick, and will be sure to recommence as soon as possible afterwards. You will probably get some in pencil very soon after the advent of the stranger. Good bye dear, dear Husband. Augusta#



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