United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton O. January 4th 1863 'I'm mad'! 'Just as mad as I can be' at you Sir Major; another week and but one letter from you! and, to make it worse I cannot get one from you till next Thursday evening I fear, for Nannie thought enough of me to send two letters last week and a "pass" also, consequent by I am going to leave the children here, and go to Sandusky tomorrow morning; it is the last chance I shall have to visit her for many years at least, and she pressed me so kindly that I would not refuse. I feared yesterday that Henrietta was going to be seriously ill as her throat was quite sore and ulcerated it is not diptheria however and she is much better today, otherwise I would not go away. To be as hateful as possible, I must tell you that I have spent my money and need $10.00 more to complete my arrangements. This will seem strange to you perhaps but I think I can show you that it was right by giving you items. To repay Eliza $10.00 School shawl for Sella 5.00 Muslin for Baby & dress for self 21.75 shoes 1.50 Balmoral 3.50 Washwoman 5.00 Collar 1.29 ------ 48.04 A small balance in my purse makes out the $51.10. When I first wrote I had forgotten that Sella must have her shawl, and did not think that I could find the dress, which I want for late spring and summer use, I would not shop for it then, and besides such goods cost more in season than out; and I knew I should regret it when too late. Uncle John told me that he expected another hundred dollars from the north pretty soon, but no time set. If we go to live at our home that fence must be made if possible DeGraff's are going away in May they say. Mrs. DeGraff is in Buffalo, being detained there by Mannie who had the scarlet fever. Mary Shaw invited all our family, Uncle John and Aunt Anne, and Jer and Lib, Mart Holt, to take tea with her last Friday. She is comfortably and handsomely fixed. The merchants seem to thrive. I admired every thing honestly, nevertheless I don't covet her house, husband nor children just let me have all mine, with freedom from debt, and I have as much as she; yes much more. Goodness! I came very near being good again, and I set out to be downright hateful. And hateful I will be and close now hoping I shan't think of any postscripts with which to fill up this page. Just one kiss I send you, don't you wish you had it? Goodbye and be a better boy hereafter, Augusta



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