United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Augusta Forrer--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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[1862] Friday Morn. Dec 19th Dear Husband, I was about to write a note in haste, when I received your Sunday's letter. I wished to tell you that Uncle J told me last night that he would not collect those costs, as the person (I have forgotten who) says *Gunkle* & Strong collected and must pay it; he said he would have to take it into court in a few days; but whether he does it, is, I think extremely doubtful, for he seems absent-minded and has Will at home, and he absorbs all his attention. - I cannot see him about any thing before the mail goes out, but I will let you know about the note and the taxes as soon as possible. - I went to Mrs. Brady's yesterday and found her preparing to start to Washington next Sunday night. Mrs. Smith had promised to pay her expenses if she would help her with her Christmas dinner. Luther too had urged her to come. She is very anxious to make you a call but I fear cannot do it. - The children are pretty well excepting Frank who has a troublesome hacking cough, and Robby's bowels are not in good order; the Doctor is trying to help both. Their Christmas will have to be small, as I have but $3.00 in my purse; perhaps I will defer presents till New Year's day. I am sorry that you are so 'blue' and fear you are really suffering since the news of the retreat; undoubtedly it was right to retreat, but certainly is was a great pity that it had to be done. You say "I wrote tinted paper" - Oh yes, I understand now, you answered my questions. The newspaper came much obliged for Father. - Please tell me in your next how I had better come home; I dread that Ferry at Albany, and I dread Philadelphia the other route. Aunt Caroline is very anxious for me to make her a visit but I think I cannot do it. She says she is going to break up housekeeping in the spring. Mary is waiting so love and kisses and Goodbye. Augusta I told you that Robert and Sammy were both in Washington.



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