United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Sullivan, Theodore--Correspondence


2 pages; + envelope, condolence letter signed Theodore Sullivan Secretary


Dayton O. July 1st 1864 Mrs Luther B. Bruen Madam At a meeting of the members of the Montgomery County Bar, held in the Court Room in the City of Dayton, this June 25th 1864, the following Resolutions were passed by that body; "By the will of Providence Major Luther B. Bruen, another of our cherished friends and brethren has been called to sacrifice his life for his country, Surrounded by every comfort and endearment, which could make home happy, and gifted with talents which fitted him for literary renown or a higher position at the bar, he yielded all, ease, comfort, the endearments of home and the prospects of civil distinction, to his sense of duty on more than one sanguinary field bravely exposed his life, till at last, in the front of battle, on the 13 day of May at Spottsylvania, he received the wound which, after weeks of pain borne with heroic fortitude, finally caused his death. Resolved, therefore, that while we cherish his memory for those qualities and that kind, ever honorable and generous character, which endeared him to us in our professional intercourse, we especially honor and will not cease to remember him for those heroic virtues, which led him in the prime of hopeful manhood to surrender his life to perpetuate the existence, preserve the honor and maintain the integrity of our beloved country, A soldier from principle and not from taste or ambition he poured out his blood, as a willing libation, upon the altar of liberty and gave his life that ever our posterity and this great nation might live and be happy and free, where we cease to honor and cherish his memory and that of the thousands of heroic dead who have fallen in the great struggle for human freedom, we shall be unworthy the inheritance they have preserved for us. Resolved, that while we deeply sympathize with the family of our friend, we can but remember that while it is the lot of all to die, it is the fortune of few to die in a cause so glorious and we feel that our common grief should be tempered by this reflection. Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be furnished to the family of the deceased and be entered upon the Journals of the several Courts of this County." Truly Yours Theodore Sullivan Secretary [On envelope] Bar Resolutions June 25 - 1864 Mrs Luther B. Bruen *Present*



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