United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Hannah, Henrietta Edward--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Five Oaks. Nov, 20, 1861. Dear Sella, Aunt Mary wrote a letter to Frank on Sunday, and I thought I would write you one today. Grandpa has been away two weeks, and I do not know when he is coming home. Miss Follet, and Mary Thornton's mother are coming to grandma's this evening, to stay two or three days. Saturday night we had a heavy frost and the ground was frozen hard. Almost all the flowers are killed and we are going to cover the roses and Pampas grass this week. Elliot is as seven months old last Sunday, and weighed twenty-one pounds. He is growing very fast, and his hair is becoming very thick and yellow. The other evening papa was reading and he Elliott screamed and laughed so loud that I could scarcely hear. One day we were talking about someone who fed her baby with everything it took when uncle Howard said "why you do the same thing, the other day I saw him with a bone in his hand". Once aunt Mary said somebody was wearing a new circular; when he asked her what she had to advertise. Last week we went out nutting, and got a bag of hickory nuts, ten quails, and a rabbit. One day lately papa shot twenty-seven quails, and Edward seven, and a rabbit. Please tell Robbie I am sorry he doesn't like "op-toads". Give my love to papa, and mama, and a kiss for Frank, and Robbie, yourself. your affectionate cousin Henrietta Peirce



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