United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Forrer, Sarah Hastings Howard--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Mrs. A. F. Brown Care of Mr. Peira Washington City Douglas Hospital Mother June 17th 1864 Grandma Forrer Dayton June 17th 1864 My Dear Augusta, I have thine of June 13th, which I was glad to find hopeful. But, we have been pained by a dispatch which came today saying L is worse, Jere started to go to you but the *bain* delayed, and he found it necessary to wait till twelve this evening, when he will leave for Washington. I hope he will find L better. I spent the day out with E. and nursed Baby nearly all day. The little dear is fat and rosy, and thee need not grieve of not being able to recall her features, for she has improved astonishingly. She gets warm milk from the cow morning and evening, and is very fond of her bottle. Mary would have sent the picture, but she was waiting for Seaburn to begin again because she thought he would do it better and it would be more satisfactory to thee, She will do it now as soon as she can. Little Robbie has pulled very few flowers, and I think he will not pull any more, They are all well and happy, and thee need give thyself no uneasiness about them. Sella began a letter to her father but did not finish it, Her school is out now, and I will get it down and send it with my next. I wish much I could be with thee, to relieve thee a little but I fear I could not be of much service if my means were of love. I could leave the little ones here and go to thee thee. I think I never so much longed to be rich as now, when dear ones are ill and far away. Give my love to dear L, and say we all love him more than we ever did before, and will take as good care as possible of his little treasures. We have heard nothing from our dear Maurie for some days, and I fear to hear, but must, and will hope. Dear child, I did not get thy letter, Mr. P. Lowe lost it. Farewell till thee now. Lullie says thee has a very hard chair, Do try to get a cushion, and make thyself more comfortable. Jere waits so farewell Bob, and God bless you Affectionately, Mother



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