United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Forrer, Sarah Hastings Howard--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton June 7th 1864 My dear Augusta, We write immediately on receiving thine, never wait more than a day, and seldom that long. We too think the letters were "few and far between" We have not heard from Howard for some time, till this evening, He wrote from a Camp near Dallas, the date of his letter is May 30 is in the midst of danger, has so far, escaped, Our line passes much as it did for some days after Grant's battles began in Virginia, I know he knows how we feel, Poor boy! he has heard nothing from us for some weeks and I fear it will be long before he does, Being on the march, Our letters are not sent promptly to him - Sella's Apron is ready for her, and we will show her. The dear little boys do very well. The trough sometimes tempts them, but a call brings them away. And I never saw finer little boys. (Always excepting my own) I would like the *Woxey seekele* but fear the slips will not grow. It should be layered as a roof if possibly but if thee can do no better, bring the *Slips* - As to our old enemy, use thy own pleasure about him. Or Luther's - I have nothing to say "Judge not least ye be judged" saith the Lord. - *tures* So I will not say what may be his motive in this seeming kindness. And Who Knows? Perhaps he has experienced a change of heart. Let us hope so. Love to Luther. As ever affectionately thy Mother. PS. Mary Brady called just now, to see how the children do, and this reminds me that I have said nothing about baby. I have not seen her since Saturday, and I wrote thee after that, but thy Father sees her every day, and says she is well - Perhaps thee had better not say anything about *L.* that can reach us here in Dayton. We have been very careful, and perhaps all of our friends will be. But Mary B. said that *Martha* wrote them that "I sent his *meyrs* and Aunt Augusta hoped he would continue to send him, Love again to both from Mother



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