United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Forrer, Sarah Hastings Howard--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton April 12th 1863 My dear Augusta, I have mislaid thy last letter, but I believe there were no questions to be answered in it. We are ready for thee, and shall be glad to see thee whenever thee may come. Frank still says "tell Mamma about the wax" and his Aunts think it will be a great disappointment if thee does not bring some with thee. They are both well. Yesterday they beset me to ask thee for a rocking horse, or some kind of a horse. I told them to wait till thee came. DeGraff came home. Father spoke to him about the fence, and told him he had had the ground measured and; and where the line was or rather is. He said you had tried to get three feet off of him at the bottom and now here, and he supposed you would want some off of the other side next. Father said "No sir." Mr. D. is as honest a man as you or I. He wants nothing but what is right. He turned red, and said he would have it measured. He would have it right this time. Father said that was what he wanted. "let us do it today" This was in the morning. In the afternoon he went after Morrison and the ground was measured again coming out as Father told him, Father says. In truth the fence between you and Darst is about 3 or 4 inches to far on Darst. You will have your 40 feet, now as they ran the line and it just grazes the large trees. Morrison said to measure it right you should give Darst 3 or 4 inches and DeGraff should give you as many more than the six, which are now given; Darst knows nothing about it. And the fence was made by Mr. Steel and Luther, and Father said as you have your 40 feet, he supposed you would not wish to go to the expense of rebuilding the fence between you and Darst for 3 inches either way, and DeGraff would resist it, because it would destroy his trees, and would gain the suit, as they did before. As it is now arranged, you have your 40 feet, and DeGraff will build his part directly. I hope it will be done before thee comes, and Father says, it is to *be* nothing. But, in time to come, if you wish to stir the thing, you would be more likely to succeed from the fence having been moved. Of course, you cannot get 3 inches from DeGraff without giving 3 inches to Darst. The six now given by DeGraff throws his stone post into your yard. I think thee will feel better with a good fence on the North. The dogs are as usual. Ours snap at, and bites them and keep them out some of the time but the frequent fights would, no doubt in time, get up fights between neighbors. As it is we are at peace with our neighbors on both sides. These high double fences are great keepers of the peace. For a wonder I believe I have nothing to ask of thee this letter; I saw James Perrine. He says he is waiting for the takeing of Charleston!! No telling when he will go. He said he would be glad to have thee with him if he was there and coming at the right time for thee. John Darst expects to go soon but from what he said I think he will return too soon for thee. Mary has not been able to see Mary Brady about the quantity of Zephyrs. I hope she can this week. She is in bed all day. Nothing very serious. Children send love and kisses. Love from all to you all Ever thy Mother #Mary says to tell thee that she sent to Madam *Shafflie* for wax, and told her to direct to Mary Forrer Fort Hamilton Care of Major L.B. Bruen. She gave her the noof Churches express and and told her to send it in that way. Mary wishes thee to let her Mary know when you receive it. I see I have written indistinctly. Madam was to send the wax by Churches express to Miss Mary Forrer Care of Major L.B. Bruen Fort Hamilton# #And bring it with thee when thee comes. Please let Mary know when thee receives the wax.#



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