United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Forrer, Sarah Hastings Howard--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton April 6th 1863 My dear Augusta, I wrote yesterday and thought I had said all that was to be said about dresses, but to day Mary and I went out to see what we could find at home. She found a piece of quads, very quad, but of a color she thought before she would not like, and looking at it, she concluded to take it. It is double width what you would call narrow double width and comes in dress patterns of 12 yds. This contains 13 1/4, they call it French *Affacka* at Trebine's. We thought if she has a plain waist and close sleeves, she could get a *Talina* too of this quantity. There will be none of the material itself to trim with, what shall she do? Can thee get a suitable trimming for her? Or had she better braid the *Talina* and dress? Look at the sample, and if the thinks it had better be braided say so and get suitable braid, as if some other kind of trimming would be prettier get it, please, for her. I see by the fashion hook that colored silk trimmings are not worn now, Mary thinks a silk bonnet of the same color, either striped or *barred* would be pretty, for a full suit. I wish thee would look and inquire, and if thee thinks such a one would be more becoming than a straw Bonnet get silk to match, as near as possible, I suppose if she had straw the ribbon would be prettiest of the color of the dress. She wishes this suit to travel in, if she should go any where this summer. Mr Follett gave her a free pass to and from Sandusky, and a very pressing invitation to visit them this summer, and I think she will go, she wishes to see the large Water Lilly's blooming in the water, and also she thinks she would like to see Nannie too, she and I too went out with a determination to get a grey, which is a favorite color with us both, but the greys were so poor, or so light colored that we thought we had better get this, Jane Schenck (who by the way is to be married in a week "they say") bought me something like this. The ground rather lighter *unlining* to Salmon, and the stripe white, I do not like it near so well as this of Mary's. The Bonnet should be a suitable one for traveling please look and see how it should be made or get it made if thee thinks best to do so. If thee needs more money Mary will send some, I sent in my yesterdays letter $10.00, if thee finds out asking that 13 1/4 yards will not make a plain dress, and *Talina*, perhaps thee might get a few yards like it in New York. The children are well, excepting a cough Sella has had for some days past. She is not ill with it, and I hope it will soon pass away. Lib is still suffering with a bad boil, I feel distressed on her account and would gladly take her place if I could induce her to leave her cares for a time and travel, she needs a change I am sure. She is not willing to pay so high for her dress as Mary has $1.12 1/2 per yd, and the Alpacas we have are so poor that she is not satisfied with them, I am going out, if I can, with a handful of scraps to show her and, I hope she can suit herself away them and get ready for a journey, either after thee is well, or before thee is confined, so that I can help you both. I am sure a few weeks on the seashore would renovate her. Dear Gus I have just read what mother has written and have nothing to add. Now don't you and Luther think I am taken up with dress because it is not so. I have so few clothes that I want them to suit me exactly when I do buy. I hope our numerous commissions are not making you sick. If I was but with you I could do it all and not tire any one - Today is election day & I suppose we are to be beaten. What shall I do with Luthers portrait the ladies in my wayflower class #are continually admiring at. Had'nt I better *turn* it around to the wall? Love to all the friends *?* & all. Is Col Burke living at the fort or was he only visiting? My respects to him. John Darst is going east in a few days but expects to see me very soon. Love to Luther + kiss mean little Robbie Goodbye your affectionate sister Mary#



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