United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Forrer, Sarah Hastings Howard--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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1863 Dayton March 29th My dear Augusta, I have just returned from Jere's, where I have spent most of the day. E was not quite well, and sent for me to be with her, as she did not think it best to come in to see us. She has taken a little cold I think, but hope it will not be any thing serious. The children are both well, and took tea at Uncle's to day. It has been very cold for twenty four hours, I was afraid for them to go out, but they do not seem the worse for the walk. I think there is no doubt that we had better get our washing done at home, by the day, instead of by the piece, if we can. We shall save several dollars a week, by it. And indeed, I can not afford to put more out. I think we can get a good wash woman, one who has washed a long time for Anne. She says she will iron too, but I know nothing about her ironing. We are mostly set to rights, as far as our part of the house is concerned. The great trouble has been what to do with the furniture, and how to arrange it not to have a crowded look. Thy rooms, I hope to arrange this week. We have been obliged to stow away our tables and many other things in the cellar and wood house, and put our wood and coal out side - We have all been much fatigued, and are not yet rested, neither do I expect to be, for some two weeks. I do hope, though, that all will be right, and we rested, before thee comes. I have been too busy to speak to Uncle John. And I thought nothing was suffering. Neither of us wishes to take advantage of the other. We can surely be satisfied. I have not bought the blankets yet, but will soon have time I hope. I have spent most of the money ($25) but will get them on credit, for thee. I think, I have been as economical as possible More so than Sella thought right sometimes, but I would not make it go any further. And there are several things she thinks she needs, that I have persuaded her to wait for till thy return. Thee remembers those small yellow books on *drawing* Painting &c. that Mary has, she thinks there is one on printing, or tinting, Photographs. She is somewhat at a loss, notwithstanding Mr *Flouquetis* directions. And wishes thee to get it for her, or Luther if he has time. They did cost about *30* cts. But Luther will see what is best on the subject Also, 25 worth of stick charcoal, such as was last. Thee can get it at *Gaufiel's*, or, almost anywhere she says. I hear Mr. Perrine is going east in a week, if gold falls. If not, he will not go. John Darst too is going soon I hear. I suppose Robbie and Mrs Randall, will be good company, and thee will need no other. I do not know what it has cost us to live, and if I did, it would be no guide to us now, for everything is higher. Mrs Brady says she cannot afford to give 35 cts for butter. And I would not if all felt as I do about it. Excuse this miserable note. I have had Headache all day and would not write to any but a child Love to all from Mother



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