United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Forrer, Sarah Hastings Howard--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton March 21st 1863 My dear Augusta. Mary is busy this eve and I am going to write for us both. I am sorry there is so little prospect of company for thee, but can find nothing satisfactory about Perrine, or the Davies, and I think thee will get on well with Robbie. Grandmama is glad Robbie "is good now". I think we shall arrange everything to our satisfaction, mutually, and everything now awaits thy return, and voice upon the arrangement. Sella submits, now quietly to what I say, and awaits thy return for I have told her, I was doing what I think best, and if, when thee returns, thee is willing for her to do otherwise, thee will so order. Sally Corwin invited her and Frank to a birthday party last Friday. I dressed and sent them at six, and sent word to their Aunt to send some one home with them, for I was so very busy, and Father too was very much fatigued. Their Uncle Robert came with them, a little after ten. All had retired but me and I only waited for their return. So we had no opportunity of speaking with Mr. Corwin. The children were delighted with the party, and Frank, particularly so with the idea that he had been out as late as ten. The moveing is pretty well over, That is, the goods are mostly here, but they are not yet arranged, and it will require a week more, at least. Betty is very good and I think looks forward to you coming with pleasure. She is not strong, but is trying to do her best. Mary does not like the samples any better than thee does. Lib says she wants a better quality than any of the samples, a close glossy Alpaca, double width. She don't want it so very fine as some of the black ones are, neither is she anxious to pay a very high price, but wants something good, and pretty. A grey rather dark and without the purple shade. This too would suit Mary. If thee sees anything of the kind, send a sample. We can do as well here as the samples thee has sent. I believe I have answered all questions. I will send the Demarest Check, and if thee has not the hooded Talma pattern, and thinks it pretty, and likely to be much warm, get one for us. Also the sleeve and waist of travelling dress, if thee thinks them such as are becoming, or any other patterns thee may think we would like. Today is Sunday, the children took a long walk with Betty this afternoon. I was too much fatigued with moving to go out, Father ditto. Mary went out with Lib, rode out and walked back. She insisted on our going too, but Father and I both, felt better resting at home. I think the children are both well. They sometimes say, "why don't Mama come" "She and Papa and Robbie too will come soon." They are all asleep over the house, but Mary and I are both up, she trying to arrange her room, and I writing to thee. I wrote to dear Howie this afternoon, a short letter, for I felt so weary, and my hand so lame, that I could not write much. I feel rather better this evening, but my hand is still lame, and I will close my letter and give it and thee some rest. Best love to Luther and Robby. As ever, with love I remain Thy Mother Sarah N. Forrer Mrs. A.F. Bruen Fort Hamilton New York Harbor New York #Have you learned anything about the work on wax flowers yet.#



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