United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Forrer, Sarah Hastings Howard--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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[my 6th birthday party keep] Dayton Feb 23rd 1863 My dear Augusta, I thought I would not write yesterday, because I wished to tell thee how Frank enjoyed his birth day. I gave notice to the little Peirces on Sunday, and they all came with their Mother, this morning, and spent the day with us. Father went out to get the oranges. He could find one for each of the little people, and no more, so there was 20 cts left of thy gift, which we spent in buying a small pound cake. Then Lib brought a "House that Jack built" mug, and Aunt Mary some candy. Each of the little ones contributed some candy, Dates, Lemons, Nuts and Elizabeth a pretty Butterfly on Spiral wire. We laid our cloth as usual, but brought the table in from the entree, spread a blue damask cover, filled the large glass dish with oranges, candy &c. Put a plate of peanuts, one of cake with a bouquet in the center of Myrtle *and* Burberries, and a glass or mug of lemonade for each. We placed Frank at the head of the table, and he passed the cake to Bess, but seemed to prefer eating to helping his guests. So Mary and Betty relieved him of that duty. They all seemed to be very happy at the table, and after dinner had a fine play till near four, when Jere came and took them home. Frank, and Sella too, seemed to enjoy the fun vastly, and so did all the others, I think. They were quite willing to retire early this evening, being weary with the day's play, and now sleep sweetly. I think they would like to have a birth day often. I wrote some days gone about our moving, sale &cc. and am waiting thy reply. Mary also wrote, enclosing a check, and directions for buying for her. I gave the measure of the corsets, the true measure, not the measure of the waist. I am glad thee is so agreeably employed. I think a little "play" will do thee no harm, and hope thy picture will be a true copy, and that the pillow will please. Mary says her corsets are to be just such as thine. I would like enough Tinsel worsted to make a Lamp Mat, and, two Cologne mats. I suppose $1.00 worth will do me. I am sorry for Mrs. Lay. Poor woman. I hope she will see her Husband return with health and full of honors. I would like to see thy pretty basket, and Rob's coat, and the dear little man in it too. I have not yet learned when Mr. P. and Mr. McD. go East but will try to find out. I do not see why they should object to having thee in the car with them, I am sure. Mary's class of wax flowers increases and, I think she, as one of the pioneers in the business, is entitled to as much profit as she can secure. I wish her to know all she can about it too, and seeing in the Art Journal for Jan./63 a notice of a little book on wax flower making, I wish L. or thee to see if it is to be had in N.Y. If so get it for her. I do not know how to do this or I would not trouble him, and, I do not wish to send by our book sellers here. I never get anything I ask for. "A handbook to the art of wax flower making. By E.J. Jaques Published by Houlston & Wright London." This is the title. By the by, is thee not going to get Mrs. Forrer's Young Lady's friend for Sella? I think it the best thing of the kind I ever saw and Sella will soon read it to #profit. I want to ask Lib to get one for Henrietta, too. All send love and kisses to thee. Children too. As ever thy Mother#



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