United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Forrer, Sarah Hastings Howard--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton Feb 17th/63 My dear Augusta I did not know when Mary wrote, this morning that John had sold 50 feet off of our lot, to *Kimmy*. It seems he has, and there is a prospect of selling the other lots very soon. They have divided it fronting Phillips, into 4 lots, and Kimmy has taken the lot next R.W. Steele. It will cut the old parlor in two. John say he will want the lot by the 1st April, and we will have to move. Now I want to know if you have determined to sell your house. If you have, I would rather look for one that we can occupy a year at least, till we can get fixed on the "hill." It will be so much trouble to move twice, I wish thee would send me word immediately, for there is not much time, and I am so unfit for hard labor that I must take it easy. And I would like to begin to move very soon. If you are going to keep yours, and still wish us to occupy it, please send me word, and if thee has any requests to make as to the occupation of the rooms please make them. Mrs. De. has the assurance to send after the cistern handle. I had a great mind to refuse, but told the Girl, if Mrs. De. would have a style fixed, and send me word I would let her have handle. They have not sent yet, But I suppose they will, or, perhaps push down the fence. The children are both well. Frank is getting red cheeks and plays all day, mostly out in the yard. Sella was not so well on Monday, and I allowed her to stay out of school. She spent the day at John's, and seemed to have had a very pleasant visit. She went to school today, and is very cheerful. I have told here there must be no visiting at Aggy's or Kate's, till thy return. She thinks it rather hard, but will acquiesce, I think without much trouble. I have been obliged to get a new pair of pants for Frank. Both of his are worn out, patched and worn again, and the new ones thee had made before thee left, would not last him a week. They are rather light, and suitable for warm weather, so I engaged a thick cloth pair at Breene's. I think they will last for everyday wear, till thee comes. I tryed to get some cloth to match the two old pairs, and patch them again, but I could not find any. I find Mrs. Fisk is not engaged in June. I believe thee said June. Please tell me what time in the month to tell her. She will be at our house in a few days to see about it, and I told her I would write to thee and find what thee thinks about it. I wish thee would answer me quickly, all I have asked thee. It is quite necessary to my comfort that I know speedily, where I am to go. I have lived so long in my own home that I find it hard to be obliged to move round the town, just as it happens to suit any person but myself. Love to all as ever Thy Mother



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