United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Forrer, Sarah Hastings Howard--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton April 29th1862 Dear Augusta I received this letter from Sallie Thomas and send it now rather than wait till Sunday. I suppose she did not know how to address it to thee, and therefore sent it to us. I have not heard anything from the William's for a long time. We have not heard from Howard G Affleck since his return home. There is a paper, or rather pamphlet comes to Luther which I suspect he knows nothing about. I believe too, that I have asked him about it but if I have he has not answered me. It is T "American Law Register" I have this moment received one from the Post Office. What shall I do about it? Mary says "Has thee anything other than the English Jacket, And what is thee going to wear this summer for, or in place of or *menle*." Love to the little ones, and all of you. I am in great haste but thought I would just say a word, as I had to remail Sallie's letter. So do not be surprised if I do not write Sunday. Look hard over some of my letters and answer the questions. I think there are some unanswered. We are trying to make some fence at the new lot, but all goes on very very slow. I am heart sick sometimes with waiting. All are well at Lib's I believe now. And at Uncle John's too I think. I was at John's yesterday. We too had a snow. I do not think it has harmed the fruit and we have a prospect of a good quantity, I hope you will enjoy it with us. Brunoe has both paws on the stand where I am writing, asking for a pat, and a poor fellow, so I cannot write very smoothly. Ever affectionately thy Mother



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