United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Forrer, Sarah Hastings Howard--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


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Dayton Feb 23 1862 My dear Augusta Mary has written so lately that it seems hardly worth while to write today, but I fear thee will be disappointed if thee does not get the regular letter. Mary called on John Darst. He said he would take the package for thee with pleasure, and would leave it at the Ft Nicholas, but we will see what he says when he leaves and let you know. Frank must have improved if the Photograph is like, I scarce could think it was he, I suppose his dress had much to do with it. It's an older dress than I ever saw him wear but very pretty and becoming I think. Mort thinks Sella the "best face she ever saw" that is what she said but I think she went to except Mary Burrowes I believe Mary told thee we sent a box of good things and a Cap like Luther's to Howard Jo Affleck. Well, Father got to Columbus about 3 oclock in the afternoon and Howard's regiment passed through from Camp Lyon near Worthington 3 oclock in the morning before Husband arrived, Tom Worthington of Chillicothe, a son of old Gov. Worthington and brother of James Worthington whose first wife was Mrs. Galloway, and who married Mrs. Judge Reed so soon after his wifes death, is Colonel of the regiment. Howard seems to have the confidence of his Captain, whose name is Lilly. We tried to get Howard appointed Sergent Mayor, but I do not know if he succeeded. Husband and all of us are very sorry we did not see Howard. I am sure it would have gratified him. The Regiment was ordered to Paducah, Kentucky. Has Major Vagdees returned? I see many of the *preserves* have. I hope thee will write to Mary if thee has not already done so. She must be very sad now, I have not heard from her since Howard was ordered to Paducah and I almost read to hear. What do you think of Staunton. We think he is grand!! If you have not read his letter to the Tribune of the 20th of Feb, I think the date is, Do get and read it, it breaths the right spirit, I have been thinking him a cousin of ours, and the Lieutenant Gov. Staunton says he is a very distant relation of his and ours, so distant that if he was a disgrace instead of an honor we would not mention it nor try to think of it. As it is, I would rather have him first cousin at least. Jerrie is delighted with him, and said the other day he thought Congress was trifling and the Cabinet he was afraid were some of them thinking too much of the Presidency, and upon the whole he thought Hamilton ought to be made Dictator for one year. He would feel safe in his hands, that was a great deal for Jerrie was it not? I was amused with thy account of the new wife and her spurious *game*. Does she live in the Fort? And have you room for servants there? And do you board yourselves when you live in a Fort? I know nothing about the matter thee knows. Father staid with Caroline both the last times he with to Columbus. She seemed very glad to have him, and he agreed to stay if she would allow him to pay his board. She did all she could to make him comfortable. Gave him milk with cream in it and went to Colonel Medberrys with him to meet a small party of friends &c. I send a little scrap for Luther's benefit -- not that I think he is one of those loungers but he may read and take care. Mr. Birkel is lying not expected to live with I believe inflamation of the brain -- Give love to Luther and the little ones as if named I cannot help hoping the peace will soon be conquored, and we may meet under happy circumstances. We often talk of you and speak of the children many many times a day. As ever thy Mother Augusta Bruen Fort Hamilton N.Y. Harbor N.Y.



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