United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Forrer, Sarah Hastings Howard--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


4 pages; + note from Sarah Forrer


Dayton Dec. 19th 1861 Dear Augusta We were amused on receiving wedding cards, Weddings are the order of the day it seems, And if some that have come off lately are as happy as yours has proved so far, I shall be pleased, I met Mary Shaw the next day after receiving thy letter and she spoke of it, She remarked immediately She has been married eight years, Mary was very pleasant and inquired very kindly after thee, The berries are Bitter Sweet, And not Poisonous, Father says, But I would not like the Children to eat them, Indeed I think it best to teach children not to put such things in their mouths, I am glad you had so pleasant a visit from Mannie, I think her a very sweet woman, but not any sweeter, or more intelligent, than Augusta, How does Mrs. Clitz feel about the report that her Husband suffered the *Sumpter* to escape? I hope it is not true, But I hear they will be annoyed by it. I am glad thee is resolved not to antisipate trouble And sincerely hope it may never come. Jerrie gave me a bill against Luther from the Factory. It is $5.00. He said he supposed it was forgotten, And there was eighty or ninety cents, I forget now which change comes to him, for which he was you said to call on me, I paid both, and have his receipts for both, So your fund in my hands is reduced that much. I am sorry about the Sabbath School Bell, but will send it as soon as an opportunity offers, The box had gone before thy letter came, I like thy remark on your Society and ours, And would be glad of change for Mary, but there is no way by which I can bring it about, I think your Bridget was very kind to read to Sella at that time of night but Sella will not require too much of her I hope, Give my love to her and tell her what I say_ I saw Aunt Lib this afternoon She is, as seems to be, better, They send love and say they are glad to hear from thee, I received a letter from Sister Mary, She says Joan sends her some of Caroline's letters and askes me if I cannot send her some of thine, Caroline's Husband is in Kentucky, Mary is in trouble, She said she had all her children with her Thanksgiving and "tried hard to be thankful, but it was rather a failure for I know that Howard would leave the next day" He left early in Dec. to join the 4C. now encamped near Worthingon, The next day there came a letter for him from Clarksburg Va. offering him the place of Quarter Master Sergeant in a company of Cavalery at theat place, The Dr. immediately sent a dispatch to him but he did not get it till he was sworn in, Howard wrote to his mother saying he had written to the person who made him the offer that he would accept if the place was still unfilled, And that if he reported favorably he would be at home about Christmas, That there would be no difficulty in being transfered from one regiment to another, Mary seems sad and I sould like much to visit her but there seems such a lack of money that I do not know how to spare that much, I do think though that I must go before long. Give my love to Luther and the dear children I do hope we may all meet again before long, Sister Mary says I want to know just how Augusta spends her time, Thee will have to write to her I think when thee can, Harriet is with her now with her sick child, Be sure and write regularly we look for Wednesday anxiously, for it brings us a letter from thee. We are very busy trying to get up some trifles for Christmas for the little Pierces As they come, mosthly, from our finger ends, it is rather a tedious operation, With best love I remain as ever thy Mother Augusta Bruen Fort Hamilton N.Y. Harbor I would like to know, on Marys account & Lib's, what will be worn for traveling dress this summer, I hear it is Alpaca, If so, what is the color to be worn, the price, and also the width, Tell me about it, and send samples, if it is not asking too much, Mary says send her the address of Churche's Express office in the City, The No _ Mary says Mr. Mr Daniels is to go east this week, Mrs Turpin told her, Mary Shaw is to be confined some of these days, I do not know how soon, And Mrs. P. said she told Mary she looked as if there was something the matter, but she said, "Oh! you are always thinking so", "So I am not going to say a word till she tells me herself" Mary would liek to know what the French Glass shades cost, Where is Rob? you do not say a word about the little man, Do not say a word about it, but Jere told Mary he did not know but he would go to N.Y. in June He wanted, he said, to go somewhere, And Mary thought from the way he spoke, he intended to take Lib. He said if thee would want, he could bring the home! I found Lib knew nothing about it, But I think a journey would do her good



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