United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Forrer, Sarah Hastings Howard--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


4 pages; note from Samuel Forrer added at end


Dayton Nov 30th 1861 My dear Augusta I suppose thee will scarcely look for another letter from me this week, but my last was so gloomy that I believe I had better write one more cheerful if possible, I called Mary thinking she would write more pleasantly, but I found her's quite as bad as mine, There was something in the atmosphere that evening depressing in its influence I think. Howard received a letter from Luther which I believe he is answering now so I will say nothing about it. I suppose you have seen, or will see the marriage of Carie Greer, to General Wood, She invited a few friends to witness to the wedding, which was an impromptu affair. And invited a party to come in afterwards, But Mary & H. were neglected, Vick Clegg also gave a party the same evening (she had invited her company before she knew of the wedding) She too left them out, Now as they have always been invited to both of these places before this, I can only think it is another Johnson Perrins affair. Or in other words they concluded to play ladies to the Schencks, Mary knows they are not worth caring for, and yet I see she feels hurt, to see the value set upon us, and upon them, But enough of the miserable creatures I am glad to hear you are all well, and that the dear children improve, I have not seen Koleda yet, I have been so much engaged that I could not leave home for so long a walk, and I supposed E. would write to her, I hope the new girl will do well, and releave thee much, not that I wish thee to desipate but I do not think thee will do that. And thee needs exercise, Do take it oftern in the open air. Thee and the children too, And try to brace up and be able to endure, We may all be obliged to bear much more than we ever have, before this miserable rebellion is quelled, At all events, let us try to be able to meet anything which can happen Mr Foster called yesterday and paid up to the 24th of Nov, The poor man looks depressed, I think he is one who "carries weight in life" What his weight is I do not know, but weight there is I am sure, His wife has been absent some months, and from what he says, I do not think she will be likely to return before spring, She went to her mother's to be confined, and has been very ill, with, I suppose, Typhoid fever, Father and I went down at his request to see about the well, We found, it had no water, and part of the wall had fallen in, The rainwater pump, had had all the lead (which had been very foolishly put through the wall and exposed to view) wrenched off, I suppose by thieveing boys part of the fence next to the stable was torn open. And the bathroom door would not shut, Father was so busy he could not do the small jobs, as I had hoped, And I was obliged to get Davis, I paid him $1.00 for numerous little repairs his time and nails, *Allen* Foster paid up, We got the pump maker's bill which Father says is not too much, I will send you an account of what I have received and what I have spent, Also how much I have on hand, And I wish Luther would tell us about his taxes, and say if he wishes what I have on hand to be applied to the payment of them, I have received $45.00 to date. I have paid an account of repairs to two pump deepening well, new curb over well, $11.40 To Davis for small repairs, 1.00 Gas bill and two months meter rent 2.60 Leebokin for picture 1.75 16.75 Balance in my hands 28.25 $45.00 With dear love to all I remain your Mother Tell Mr. Bruen that if he thinks of recruiting his batalion in Ohio he should not think of locating himself in Toleda or any part of the northwestern part of the state_ From Piqua north ward the country is completely drained of its army force except perhaps a few teamsters_ Indeed all the western part of the state including the Scioto Valley is filled with recruiting offices_ I saw no less than 3 different *calls* in St. Marys alone_ How matters stand in this respect in Cleaveland or elsewhere in the eastern half I do not know_ Kiss the dear little children for me and tell them I want to see them very much_ As I do all of you_ Mr. Bruens advise to Howard is good_ your father affecty Saml Forrer I suppose we would be at your house before this we have not sold yet. And do not know any more than when I last spoke. I am taking all care of it, But what about the meter rent. Those gas men told me there will be .25 a month meter rent if there is no gas consumed, when you are burning gas there is nothing for the ** I said perhaps it should be taken away, They told me if the house was to be occupied in before many months, It would cost more to take it out, than to pay the rent, what shall I do?



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