United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Forrer, Sarah Hastings Howard--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


4 pages; note from [Samuel Forrer] added at end


Dayton Nov 28th 1861 Dear Augusta We received thine of Nov 24 and while we were please to hear you are well and happy, Howard was very much disappointed that there was no answer to his letter written a week ago last Friday to Luther on military matters. He is very anxious to know if he is likely to get anything for him I believe I told thee that he has made up his mind not to remain at home I am sorry, but if he will go wish him to have as good a situation as possible and hope Luther will answer him even if he has not much to say. E. was here today, and has bought cloth for a Cloak, A silver grey, She thought black would not suit her so well as grey, She has to ride so much and nurse so many children that I suppose she is right, We have nothing very exciting here, at least nothing that excites us much, we are only anxious, I have a bad headache now and everything looks gloomy, even more so than common And I would not write till I am better, And till the usual time only we thought perhaps Howard's letter had not reached you, In which case he will write again, I wrote on the 24th Nov. to thee and sent $1.00 and a postage stamp for the Demerest book thee mentioned. I am sorry to trouble thee with these things but do not know how to send for them myself, Mannie wrote monday to say that she and Mr Thornton are going to N. Y. and expect to be at Fort H. and to visit you . If I had known it when she was here I might have sent something. And yet I do not know that I have anything to send but love, Mannie said it would hardly be a visit if she did not get to see thee, I think it will be strange not to see you all Christmas time Tomorrow is thanksgiving, I am not quite like N. Yorks "heathen Mayor" thinking we have nothing to be thankful for but I know somethings which I would like to have if in my power to be thankful for, I think I will close this letter for I cannot make it cheerful with this headache, Love to all from Mother Augusta F. Bruen Fort Hamilton N. York Harbor. Dear Gus I don't know, but it seems to me, it is about time you were writing to Mary to be sure I did not finish my letter to you, on account of sickness but I think the two pages I did write deserve a little wee letter. _ Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, it reminds me of last Thanksgiving day when I took dinner with you all, I expect it is wrong, but I am not in a very thankful mood tonight, I believe it is because our particular friend has come home to recruit his health after his arduous duties on the field of battle? Fielding Loury and Joe Crane have both returned home for short visits_ Capt Loury looks very well. He talks of taking his wife and child with him to Charleston. Va. for the winter. I have just thought of an old piece of news. Perhaps mother has told you that Old Mr. Thresher is to marry Mrs. Synder. The wedding is to come off this winter and the happy couple are to occupy Mrs Synders mansion. Funny **? Do write soon. We count the days until Wednesday night comes Your letters come very punctually & are very pleasant. Kiss the little youngsters & Luther too if he will let you *Mary*



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