Mary Forrer






United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Forrer, Mary--Correspondence; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Women


4 pages; lacking address and signature; Winter?


[Don't know where the rest is Winter 1862? Aunt Mary to Mother Red Bird] married Edward Heatherington, Uncle Horton's son-in-law. They are living in Iowa near Uncle Horton. Her step-son _ Richard Heatherington died in camp a short time ago, they all seem to lament his death very much. He was the first wife's child, not Lucy, Howard's. Her husband is first Cornet player in the 4th Iowa Reg. Two of Uncle Horton's boys belong to Iowa Reg. one to the 4th and the other to the 1st. Aunt Mary Affleck wrote rather a sad letter. She said Howard was in Worthington Ohio along with the 46th Reg. He had been to Columbus nearly a week to do some writing for the Company. He was very desirous of obtaining the place of Sergeant Major but had little hope of it, there being so many applicants. Edward is, or was, in Virginia when she wrote. He went there to get a place, that had been offered to Howard; Howard didn't accept it, preferring to remain where he was. When he arrived, he found the place had been given to some one else, and as he had promised his mother not to enlist as a "private" I suppose he will come home. I hope so for Aunt Mary's sake. Mother says I speak as though *Pharaby's* only claims to relationship were through Uncle Horton's son-in-law, when she is really a nearer relation than he is, she being Uncle John Howard's daughter. I had forgotten this, and think it very probable that you have too. Father expects to go to Columbus next week. I think very likely, we will send a box to Howard Affleck at Worthington if Father can carry it to him. I will send him a cap, and we will make some cakes, biscuits, boil some *tongues* and send some jelly and marmalade. I think it would gratify Aunt Mary. Mother says in answer to your question, about bringing the girl home, that she does not know whether Betty will stay with her after her time is out, Betty says she is going to stay with us, and she felt very badly when Mother spoke of the time when she was to go home. She asked if Mother was going to send her off. Mother thinks, however, that she will be coaxed to stay, with her friends, at any rate as long as her money lasts. Mother says please ask Luther when he is looking at the Art Journals to please be sure if he pleases that the plates are all perfect; as we want to have them bound with the rest of ours. Ain't I polite? I feel sorry for Ernestine, and worse for Koleda but I think you have had your share of bother with her. Don't be selfish. Let some one else try her now. Lib has dismissed Ellen Doyle. Mary says Amelia is talking of going. I believe she is thinking about marrying Joe. I think you had better "Express Mr. Wobbie to his Aunt Mary. She will make him a "Model Boy." Just try her *owest*. Mart is going to send for *May* B, and you might send the two together. Wouldn't that be a grand plan? Tell Sella the little Peirces and Uncle Howard were skating all yesterday afternoon. Uncle Jere is going to cut the ice tomorrow to put into the Ice House (the first he had cut this winter) so that will put a stop to the skating I guess for this winter. I fear we will have to depend upon the North for our ice next summer, and that will make it a very expensive luxury. What is Master Frank about? Tell him we have a very pretty Red Bird in our yard. Almost every morning I hear him singing. He don't seem to care for the cold weather. I expect it is because he has such a nice, warm, red coat on.



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