United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Dallas, Alexander J.--Correspondence


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Office Pro Man Gen Army of Potomac Aug 12 1864 My dear Mrs. Bruen, When the sad news came in the regiment of the death of the Major, I longed to write you and express my great sympathy and sorrow for you. Not only mine, my dear Madam, but that of the whole regiment. The Major had been so long with us with that he had become a part of us; and we felt in losing him we had lost an elder brother. For myself, I assure you, I felt his death deeply, for from my rank I was through so much with him, that I learned to love him. But indeed the whole regiment came in for a show of his great heart. How can I pretend to offer you consolation for your great loss? I feel it would be as useless as in *unclear* but I can say, that as it was the will of Almighty God, that he be taken, you have a *proved* lesson to teach his children, and a *proved* thought to rest your *unclear* and heart upon -- he died gloriously and for his country. Brave, Civil, and unconcerned *unclear* fire, he has the admonition of all who saw him, and when *struck down* by the enemies fire, never blanched or changed, has left the field as calmly as he entered it. In such a man you have a right to mourn, but for such *an* one a still greater height to be proved. *Bllenis* me, to be, My dear Madam *unclear* A *M*.Dallas 12th Inf* Mrs. Bruen



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