Eric Coates






United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Coates, Eric--Correspondence


4 pages; dated "Thursday"


Fort Hamilton, N.Y. H August 15th 1864 My Dear Mrs. Bruen I intended writing you some times since but have delayed it for various reasons. You will doubtly be surprised as finding me at this post where we have both of us passed many pleasant hours. I left the regiment on the 2nd of this month, my foot which was injured last *fall warring* became so painful that the surgeons informed me that to save it I must leave the field. Many changes have taken place in the regiment, and we have been called to mourn the loss of many of our comrades but the loss of some feel so heavily upon us, as that of our Major. I was near him in all the battles, prior to the one in which he was wounded, and can testify to the *coy* manner he led his regiment. I was with him when he was placed in the Ambulance to be sent to Belle Plain, and have with me the Tobacco pouch which he gave me at the time. I received the letter which you kindly wrote to me on the 13th of June and the tune of it was so cheerful that I was certain that I should soon have the pleasure of taking him by the hand. His horse he left in my care and it is still with the regiment. It is his private property and I have been *disun* of informing you what *dispacity* has been made of it. When I left I put it in can of Capt. Stanhope now commanding the regiment. My intention is if I return to the field at the *expiration* of my *lean* to purchase the animal & send you the amount, if I do not go back Capt S wishes to buy it. I expect that it must be your wish to sell it as the trouble and expense of getting it to you would be great. I shall know in the course of two days where my station will be. I should be pleased to hear from you and know your wishes in the matter. Enclosed I send a letter which I received & which refers to some things which the Maj sent out of the field just before the campaign opened. If you will let me know if they have reached you I will drop Mr. *Nedde* a line. There is a possibility of my being *ordered* first & if so I shall endeavour to call at Dayton. With kindest regards to yourself and love to little Bobbie & the other children I remain Very truly yours Eric Coates [reverse] Mr. Coates Aug. 1864



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