United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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Douglas Hospital May 21. 1864 5 1/2 A.M. My Dear Wife, Yours of the 19th just reached me last night & right glad was I to see it for *Mother* writing once more. I have written to you every day I have been here - I also wrote three times while across the Rapid Ann. Once on the 3rd or 4th day of the fight, again twice on the day I was wounded, one before, which was sent off by mail immediately, the other, after, & mailed when I had reached this hospital. The Hospital we are in is first of three large Dwelling-houses, given by Douglas, Rice, & Breckenridge, all made to communicate by opening doors. The rooms are all large & airy & the place quite as comfortable as could be expected. *S?* in are in a room about twenty feet square - 4 regular officers & two others. Capt Keyes of the 14th was *worn* yesterday - he was shot thro' the lungs. Capt. Lowe was shot in the upper the part of the leg, or hip, the ball going downwards & coming out about mid-way between the knee and the hip. He appears to be getting along well, but will probably have a *tedious* time of it. Capt Anderson was shot thro the right leg just above the ankle. His wound is quite painful, but will give him no great trouble. It is now nearly a week since I reached here, and more than a week since I was wounded, and my progress has been so slow that I begin to doubt that I shall get home in two weeks as I telegraphed. Officers who are not seriously wounded are ordered to report to Annapolis to be sent to join their regiments as soon as they are able. My leg continues to do well but has pained me for some the past two nights. The Doctors have so far refrained from probing it almost entirely - what they have done has been entirely painless. I just pray they will give me *fits* yet. Mrs. Douglas sent me some strawberries & ice-cream last evening - the day before she sent a large bowl of egg-nogg + some nicely prepared lettuce. Capt *Pease* was not in any of the fights down to the time I came away. He was at Belle Plains on his way to join as I passed thro. Capt Dallas + Putnam were also there. Did Robert get my pay-rolls for April cashed; if not, why not? If he didn't, have you done it? Please answer the question. You had better leave the 17th Inf off of the address of your letters for the future - for if you do not some will be going down to the army. Luther & Mart. Brady left for New York last night. They expect to return on Monday or Tuesday. *Car berry Lay* was charged with cowardice on the Peninsula, but was not dismissed the service on that account. He was afterwards appointed a Second Lieut. in the 19th Inf. He was taken with a fib, on *patrol*, the first night we were over the river & has not been in a single fight. Love to all inquiring friends Thine in the *Bonds* L.B.B.



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