United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


3 pages; + envelope


May 21st 1864 #May 21st# Douglas Hospital May 21. 64 My Dear Wife: I have not rec'd a word from you since we crossed the Rapid Ann, except the dispatch from Mr.F. This is a long time to be without news and I am getting very anxious to receive a letter. This I don't expect to do for some time, because you probably put 12th Inf on the address. This will most likely send the letter to the Army notwithstanding I have done what I could to let them know that I am here in Hospital and not in the army. The lady to whom I gave the violet, came to see me again yesterday and I found out her name. She is a Miss Ransom of Cleveland O and a portrait painter. She has painted Gen. Garfield's portrait and is now engaged on Secretary Chase's. He has had a study fitted up for her in the Treasury Building and gives her as many sittings as she wants. Edmund Kirk[e], author of Among the Pines is here and has quite taken the fancy of Gen. Garfield. My leg was better yesterday morning when the doctors examined it than it had been. The wound is so close to the joint that they appear to be very anxious about it, but on what account I do not know. Should the wound let loose the juices of the knee-joint, I should have a stiff knee, and perhaps may have that any how. Should inflammation set in it might become necessary to amputate. As every thing appears to be going smoothly + without any constitutional *Inturbruenchy*, we will not borrow trouble that may never come to me. Luther + Mary B. are going to New York this evening to return on Monday. Mother came to see me yesterday + promised to come to-day + bring me some flowers. Love to you all, particularly the children. Thine as ever L.B. Bruen [On Envelope] WASHINGTON D.C.MAY 21 64 FREE D.*?* *U.C.* #May 21st# Mrs. A.F. Bruen Dayton Ohio Care of S. Forrer *reg*



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