United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


3 pages; + envelope


[May 16th 164] #May 16th 1864# U.S. Sanitary Commission Douglas Hospital May 16 64 My Dear Wife; I sent a telegram to you this morning informing you that I had arrived here wounded, but as my telegram was not prepaid it may not have gone thro'. one sent by Capt Anderson having been returned to him for that cause. My wound is not a dangerous one, but it give the Drs a good deal of anxiety - the point being whether I shall lose the use of the joint. How long it will take to decide the matter, I don't know. You can't imagine how much I have suffered since I was wounded. I went to the Division Hospital as soon as I was wounded and had thy dressed. About 5 pm we went put into ambulances in what we remained 48 hours. The *lanterns*, of this long ride are hard in battle, & ever enough to kill us all - as it was, but I'd died on the way to Fredericksburg. At 7 we were put on board a steamer & taken to a hospital on our arrival here. We are now very comfortable and have all all the attention shown us that is possible. There are several *Ugalon* officers in the room with me. Among them Capt. Lowe who was struck in the hip the ball passing down his leg and coming out him in front. How much trouble it will give him I do not know. The Sanitary Commission are doing all they can to alleviate the suffering of the wounded. Now there is no use of your getting the blues about me. - Be as merry as you can for I want you to look your prettiest when I come home & I shall expect to spend the strawberry season with you. Love to you all Thine L. B. B. #[On envelope] May 18, 1864 Mrs A F. Bruen Dayton Ohio#



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