United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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Camp near Brandy Station May 1. 64 My Dear Wife:Your letter of the 24th reached me at our camp near Bealston. We left our camp yesterday morning at 8 o'clock and marched to near Bealston. The day was warm, but the march was quite pleasant, and as as I could take my own time, the men were not much tired. The march however was not a very hard one. We left Bealston at 8 and went into camp here about half past one. The day was pleasant, warm, but cloudy, but the roads were a little dusty, not *sufficiently* so to *away*. The wildflowers are becoming plenty. The ground was *unsure* over today, was in many places covered with violets, and the little flowers specimens of which I sent you the other day. The *forest* trees are in bloom, the red-buds are in bloom, dog-wood is nearly out, and some other trees, none of which have I been close enough to, to tell which they are, if I knew. Perhaps I shall have a chance to send you a flower now and then and will of course do so, should I find any new sent over to me. You will naturally suppose the army is concentrating and that we shall have a fight soon. Well, the army is collecting here, but whether we shall have a fight here soon is doubtful. That is a subject upon which Gen Grant has not spoken and *we* shall not know much about of until his plans are further developed. I myself think the back will open nearer Richmond, probably on the James River; if the effect of that should be to make *us* fall back, we shall probably follow him *unclear* very closely to have some fighting with him before we reach Richmond. I rec'd letter from Robert last night. He tells me that the appointment if given to Ohio will probably be given to a wounded Col whose name he did not write plain enough for me to make it out. It seems to settle my case, however, which is sufficient. If I should have the luck to be wounded, in the next fight, perhaps I might get it! If it has not in the meantime been given to that other fellow. That book *I found* was made by *Boyer*, but I think *here* the price was $6. I had forgotten it, but should have remembered it if he had called it by the right name in his file. You have my letter to Sarah - if she doesn't #like Sella - before this time - I was glad to get one from her. Don't you think it would improve her to write *compositions*? Love to you all. I'll drop in a *line* of nothing new at every opportunity - *unclear* L.B.B.#



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