United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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Nokesville April 26 My Dear Wife: I rec'd yours of the 20th this evening. As you say nothing of having rec'd $50 I suppose my letter has not yet come to hand, altho as it was mailed on the 15th, it had had time to reach you. I hope it will have been rec'd ere this. It would be a shame for "poor folks" like us to lose so much money. With this I send you some Virginia wild-flowers; one is a spring-beauty, another a butter-cup, I believe, but the other two I do not know and think, I have never seen these in the woods at home. The blue one is a pretty little flower; the white is not, yet answers very well to put in a nose-gay. By the way, what is the etymology of nose-gay. Look into Webster and see where the word came from. I have not been the *woods* for flowers before, but thinking I saw some yesterday while riding from one camp to the other, I went out to see this morning. Not having much time, as I wished to send some in Sella's letter, I only obtained four varieties, two of which are common at home, and the others also, for all I know. Since the Trilium affair I have very little confidence in my knowledge of flowers. I have answered your questions relating to the office in my other letters. Singular to say I have not heard a word from Robert, -- why I don't know. Perhaps I offended him in my letter, but I don't think I did. It would be a satisfaction to know whether he is doing anything, whether I have any chance, or whether he has given the matter up as a bad job. I suppose I must be patient and wait till the newspapers tell me the story. At any rate, I shall not write any more to Robert on the subject, let it go as it may, unless he first writes to me. I candidly don't think I have much of a chance, but in spite of myself, I catch myself now and building houses in Spain upon that uncertain foundation. Yet, if I live to get back home again I mean to try and make something out of a certain idea or two which has occurred to me within a few days. #I didn't mean to write a letter, merely a note. I shall try to write again and send you some more money if the other is safe. Thine L.B.B.# #The specimens of the fair I sent you were sent to Capt. King by his friends in New York.#



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