United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


3 pages; + envelope labelled "Some of dear Papa's hair for Frank, and the last peiece of money he ever sent his little boy," enclosed with lock of Luther's hair and a 25 cent bank note, from envelope inscribed "Dear Father's letters for Frank"


Frank Bruen Nokesville Va March 23 1864 My Dear Frank: I was sorry to hear you had hurt your finger so badly. It will soon get well if you are careful not to hurt it again. How is your rocking-horse? I have not heard a word about it since I left home. I hope it has not been broken yet. Has sister Mary learned to ride on it? She is much too little, I guess, but you must try not to break it before she gets big enough to ride. The ground here is covered with snow and if you were here you would have a great time with your sled, although the snow is almost too deep for you. We have some hens here which lay nice eggs for our breakfast. The old rooster sleeps pretty close to my tent, and sometimes just after I have gone to bed and am trying hard to get to sleep, I could hear him flap his wings *there* a few times and then give a loud crow. He will crow and crow until I wish heartily that he would shut up and go to sleep like other honest people. One of the hens has begun to *unclear*, but I am afraid we shall never get any good from the chickens she hatches. It is a good thing they are not hatched now as the poor things would probably freeze to death, or at least have a very hard time. Have you learned to dress and undress yourself quickly yet? You used to be a long time about sometimes, but you could dress fast enough whenever you would. Good bye dear little son and try to be a good boy so that mother will have no trouble with you. Father Some of dear Papa's hair for Frank, and the last pieces of money he ever sent his little boy.



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