United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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Camp Near Peola Mills Nov. 24. 1863 My Dear Wife: I rec'd the socks + pin-cushion last night. The socks are just the things and I do not doubt that I shall get a great deal of comfort out of them. I am very much obliged, but sorry you put yourself to so much trouble to finish them so soon. Sella present is a very nice one + besides I needed it; so it was very acceptable. I am glad to know that she can use her needle so well. You can give her ever so many kisses on my account, for the cushion. I sent you my pay account for November by the mail yesterday with instructions for getting *them* cashed - Herein, I enclose, a check for $80. Let somebody take it to Johnson Perrine or to the Bank + sell it. Johnson's interest amounts to $87.50 as I find on calculation, so I don't think I would take it to him, unless you have the money to pay the whole of it. It should have been paid in September. I also send the trunk key. I yesterday wrote to New York about it again. You will find some copies of my *carte* in it, please send me a couple of them. Mimmack gave his to the sister of Capt. King and I promised him another. There is a rumor that we are to move forward on Wednesday; I don't know how *true* it is. Having written to you so often lately + having nothing new to say I will close by sending you all the love I have on hand. I hope to have more for the next letter. By the way, I almost forgot to tell you what I heard about my promotion yesterday. An officer told me he had rec'd a letter from the Chief Clerk in the Q.M. Department, in which it was stated that I was Lt Col of the 10th. This is now stationed at Fort La Fayette. If this should prove to be true, I don't think it probable that I would be ordered there unless I was to relieve Col. Burke. It wouldn't be at all agreeable to be cooped up in that ancient *fortress* with that ancient gentleman. *How would* like another winter so near New York? Good bye dearest LBBuen Maj. 12th Inf Capt Putnam sends his regards.



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