United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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Camp Near Warrenton Nov. 5th 1863 My dear Augusta: Our camp has not been moved since I wrote you last. It is between the two railroads and is called Camp near Three Mile Station. This station is on the Warrenton railroad. There are many rumors circulating in camp of a movement, and in fact it was generally believed that we would move on this. It is said we are to make an eleven days march, but nobody can tell if this be so, or if so where we are going. Some say we are going to Urbana but this is very low down on the Rappahannock, and it does not seem possible for us to go there. Yesterday I got an order to see that the regiment was fully supplied with entrenching tools and that they were all in good order. What this means we can't guess, unless it is intended to hold the line from New Baltimore to the Occoquan river and the gape of the mountains. This would be better than going to the Rappahannock & lying there all winter, but not so pleasant as it would be to be nearer Washington. None of us relish the prospect of staying here in the mud & wet and cold all winter. On the next march, I expect to suffer more than I have done hitherto. Since we left Catlett, we have had a mule to carry our traps, but we were obliged to surrender him to the owner at the camp, as he was a stray our mule which we had picked up on the road. Now we shall have nothing but what we can carry on our heads & as we shall be obliged to carry *for age*, we cannot carry a great deal. Coates, *Kennewick* and I will have to sleep in our shelter trench. This will do very well for them, but as I am about a foot longer than they, I shall be troubled with cold feet, as the door and the *front* fall on the end of the blanket next to the opening of the tent & it gets quite damp by morning. I suppose I shall have to sleep in my boots to keep warm. You can make those over-socks about a foot longer from the heel and send them by mail when finished. Tie & wrap them up securely as they may be knocked about in the mail sometime before I get them. We got a mail today but no letter came for me for which I am especially sorry as if we march there may be delay and difficulty in getting our mails. --- The news from the New York *audrudred* all the elections which were held on Tuesday is very cheering, with the exception of New Jersey which still seems to be under Copperhead influences. I hope nothing will be said to outsiders about the matter I mentioned in my last, if it should not be deemed feasible. I have been so long away from home that I am not up in politics, and don't know how things are going. Tell John Howard to write me about it as soon as he can. Love to all & kiss all the *Gairns* on my behalf. Thine, L B Bruen



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