United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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On Board Steamer Baltic New York Harbor Sept. 18th 1863 My Dear Wife: I sent you a note yesterday, to let you know I was on my winding way. When I wrote we expected to leave yesterday; we failed to do so, however, and shall probably not get off till late this afternoon, which gives me another chance to drop you a line. I have packed up my things and they will probably be sent forward in a day or two, by the *Cinti* Express. They are directed to Mr. Forrer. I gave the armchair to Mrs. Burke, who bought a good many of my things. The carpet I gave to Emma and the *mattress*. I concluded to sell the mattress. My trunk I have left at the Albemarle Hotel N.Y. I expect to send for it, if we are likely to spend any time at Alexandria. I am not sure that I will not send for it any way and put it in charge of Luther *Brady* in Washington. It is marked L.B.B. Dayton O. and if any thing should happen you can send for it. The life insurance policy I gave to Mrs. Gebhart (nee S. Wilson) together with my 7.30 treasury notes and 5.20 bonds. I intended to send them home in the trunk, but thinking it more safe to send them that way I have done so. By disposing of them in this way I can keep my trunk within reach, so that when I get back to Washington and New York I will have some clothes to wear that are not military. I had a rather pleasant time in the field of New York, but am not sorry to get away. Near our camp is the *manufactory* of a machine for setting and distributing type. I went into *to* see it one day. It is a wonderfully ingenious machine, the greatest curiosity in the world at the present time I verily believe. It composes and distributes at the same time and does it with great accuracy. The types are made for the machines. It was invented by a man named Allen who has died since. I enjoyed my visit to the machine more than any other I made in the city. There will be some interest due on the 7.30 notes on the 1st of October. You can cut off the coupons, and sell them at a premium. John Howard will do it for you or Mr. Forrer. You had better cut off the coupons, and sell them as soon as they are due, that is if you want money. You must excuse me for stopping here as there is such confusion on board and I am so much interrupted that I write with the greatest difficulty. I will write again immediately after my arrival at Alexandria or as soon as possible thereafter. I hope I shall find a letter awaiting me there. Love and kisses to the little and big, but especially to the dearest and best whom I have the good fortune to call wife. Thine L.B.B.



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