United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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Camp in Tompkins Square Sept 8th 1863 My dear Wife: As my nice note paper is all at the Albemarle Hotel, I was obliged to resort to one of my old fashioned, ceremonial letters. I have had so much running about to do in the past few days that I must write this morning, as I may be ordered to *break* up camp at any moment + that would prevent me from writing today. I didn't remain in command of the Brigade long. Maj. *Giddings* turned out to be less injured than was at first supposed, and was able to assume command in five or six days. I was not sorry to be relieved, as the officers I knew best were all, or near all, in this camp. I met some very pleasant officers however, and do not regret my short experience as Brigade Commander. The Irish Catholic in our neighborhood are having a great time this morning. Father Mooney the Priest in command of this parish, has a population of about fifteen thousand under him, and schools under his charge attended by about eighteen hundred children. A great many of them are parading in the Square this morning + *preface try* to a visit *to.* Archbishop Hughes and a visit to Jones' Wood, above 71st Street near which Capt *Walter Pease* and his regiment are encamped. It seems more like cruelty than kindness to march so many little boys + girls so far this oppressive day. It would require a very large inducement to make do it, I know. Father Mooney is among them ordering them about, a good deal vexed. I pitied him because he comes *not ?* #[Reproduced on this page is the same perpendicular text below, almost entirely cut off due to a fold in the paper]# *?* himself by a little explosive language now and then. I saw *Westerman* and Alex. *Gebhart* at the Fifth Avenue Hotel a few nights ago. I shall send Sella's book by the former and the belts for Robbie if I can find any. I inquired for some the other day, but they #showed me a new *style* which costs *$2* I don't think they *would suit* you. If I get a chance I will buy them to-day. - We are still in doubt as to our destination. My regiment is *?* more than ever, - *this* being not more than one hundred men in any one place. Some *of the* *Volunteer* regiments have been ordered back to the field, but so far none of the *Regulars* have been. I don't believe they will be tho there are some rumors to that effect. - Your account of Priscilla made me feel very sad. At her time of life it is not easy to recover from that *?*. Gen Brown however has apparently got entirely well, tho' I do not think he was ever so bad as *you represented him* to be. Give her my love + tell her I hope to *hear better* accounts of her soon. Kisses to the children + *love* *?* Thine as ever, LBB.#



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