United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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Camp in Tompkins Sq. New York City Aug 26. 1863 My Dear Wife: I don't know when I shall receive your letter which is due to-day. It will go to Fort Hamilton I suppose and reached to-morrow perhaps. I am sorry you are out of money + so much distressed about it. I should have sent you some before this, had I not tho't you could get everything you wanted at the store, as *aformany*. My credit it seems is not so good as it used to be + you have suffered inconvenience from it. I will enclose a check for $200 in your favor by Major Pratt. This will pay my interest, Life Insurance and leave you something in your purse. I shall try to keep you supplied better hereafter. It was not very kind in you to send that bill, as I have never accused you of spending money unnecessarily. I have not looked at the account and shall not do it. I hope you will never send me another until I have found fault with the use you make of your money. This sheet has got badly blotted but I shall have to send it notwithstanding. My hay fever *infirms* me for writing this morning and as I wish to go up town to get my pay + the check I shall have to write a very brief and unsatisfactory letter. Camp life has been pleasant enough so far. Yesterday, I got a table + some chairs from the fort + can now spend more time in my tent + transact my business near satisfactorily. Last night it stormed very severely, but sleeping in my bed on the ground I never heard the rain or Thunder. I don't think I could have slept better in the best French bedstead in New York, than I did on the ground, with a couple of blankets under me. Our camp swarms with ragged boys and girls who are many of them growing up to be the infamous classes of society. The neighborhood is called *Mackeselville* mention whereof is made in the gospel of Peace. - I must stop here to go to the paymaster's, trusting that oceans of love and a check for $200 will compensate for the shortness of the letter. Good bye dearest LBBruen Major 12th Inf U.S.A.



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