United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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Fort Hamilton Aug. 16. 1863 My Dear Gussie: We are "enjoying" some very hot weather, here, about three days. It is thundering now, but I can't see it; there are no clouds in sight with thunder in them. What it means I don't know. I suppose I might see where the shower is, if I were to go upon the parapet; but that's too much trouble for me under present circumstances. - I tried to put on my boot a while ago but couldn't do it. My foot gives me so little trouble that I tho't I might be able to do it; but as the effort gave me some pain I dissented. I expect a shoe maker from the city to-morrow to measure my foot for a pair of gaiter boots to lace high on the ankle. When I get them I think (plague take that blot on *paper*!) I will be able to go to the city again. I haven't been there for six weeks and I don't know how much longer it is so hot, however, I have no great inclination to go. - The rain has come at last, and a good *approaching* rain it is; but the confounded thing has cheated me out of my dinner. Col Edwards invited me to dine with him, so I didn't go down to *Slaten's* to my dinner: Stacey & Putnam, who were also invited, did; they were able to go, but being unable to wear anything but slippers, I wasn't able to go, as the Col lives in a tent on the *glacis*. Next time I am invited to dinner, I will take my regular dinner, if it comes before the irregular one, so as to avoid all contingencies. - Mr Elrath was kind enough to invite me to take supper with or I should have been obliged to order dinner at *Slaten's*. I now think I shall be able to go to bed with a stomach full enough to preserve my health. - I don't think that I told you that Dr Randall was ordered before the *retiring* board, now in session at Wilmington, Del. He doesn't like it at all. He hasn't gone yet. His child had improved a good deal, but yesterday he told me she was worse. - *Luther Giddoy* is in Florida. He has been handed up by the authorities two or three times but has always got clean. I suspect the young gentleman now wishes he had not left "my Maryland" to chase the secession goose. - I send you by the mail to-day a copy of "The New Gospel of Peace'. Give it to Howard when you have all read and let him take it South with him. I think the "boys" will enjoy it in camp. - Mary Vanderpool is at *Harlem* I have seen Sally at the Fort tow or three times lately. - Don't fret about the company I keep. I haven't seen the critters since I left the Bigelow House & when I did see them they were supposed to be respectable people. Indeed I do not know that they are otherwise now. It is only a suspicion which may prove true or not that they are disrespectable characters. - There are some people about here who have always borne good names, that have been, no matter what they are now, not a bit bitter than they should be. When I see you I'll mention names. Give my kind regards to Howard & tell him I would like to hear from him if he has the time. - Kind regards to the friends & love to you & the Kinder. #Please tell John Howard his letter hasn't reached me yet.# #According to my calculation there are about $311 due from Robert on the *Jeweth* note. But if John Howard can dispose of my *truker's* note tell him to pay the balance. I think it will about do it. Thine LBB# #I just addressed the envelope Mrs LB Bruen May 12 *July*!!!



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