United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Bruen, Luther Barnett--Correspondence


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Fort Hamilton Aug 13. 1863 My Dear Wife: I rec'd your good long letter of the 9th yesterday morning. I was very glad to hear that you had so great a pleasure so nearly within reach. I should be very glad to be home to welcome the young soldier myself give him my kindest regards and tell him that I have been on the point of writing to him *every day* this month past, but have procrastinated until now I shall have to wait until he goes back to his regt. By the way is his the 63rd or 69th - I believe the latter but some how a doubt has crept into my mind. Has he been promoted yet? If not, I hope he'll receive his captaincy soon, tho' I believe the Adjutancy is rather the pleasantest post, having less responsibility of *property* + less worry with soldiers, with more real authority, but with a little less pay. If the organization was permanent, of course, the promotion would very desirable. -- I went over to see Col Burke yesterday. He still remains at Fort La Fayette, + inquired very particularly for you all, desiring to be remembered. He was looking very well, and I believe he remains over there for economy's sake. He hopes to get a command somewhere but is likely to be disappointed I think. - I forgot to tell you in my last that it is rumored that *Mollie Dimmick* is to be married to a Captain in the Navy. I pity them both; him, because he *must* be a *poor short* if with his rank *he can* not get a better wife, + her, because she is reduced to the necessity of taking a husband that nobody else will have. - I am *boarding* at *Slater's*, getting breakfast + dinner there and *traveling* to *Providence* for lunch. The other day I asked where *Georgiana* was, not seeing her with the other children. Imagine how shocked I was to hear her say she had died last Feby, after but one day's illness. Did you ever hear of it? I don't think I could or the fact would not have escaped my mind so completely as not to be recalled again. It was a very embarrassing position to be placed in. - All the boarders who *seceded* from the other house are very well pleased with the change. S. does set a better table after all than *Miss* B. altho there is not so much style. Every thing is good *of* its kind + very nicely cooked. I have found the new *Comd Off* a very pleasant gentleman.He is young but is a *pushing* fellow and has knocked about the world a good deal. He has a *foundry* at *Warsaw Ill.* but is from Mass. His regiment is a good one, the men being entirely without *money*. How it will be when they are paid off I don't know. The Col. tells me that about two thirds of their money is "allotted" that is, is to be paid directly to their families. This is a very good *plan*, prevents trouble with the soldiers and secures their families a support, either wholly or partially. Most of them squander all the money they get whether it be two months pay or six in a few days and then have to get their tobacco + *grog* the best way they can until the next pay day. Your uncle John's letter has not come to hand yet. if he has not written when this comes to hand, *jog* him up a little. I am sorry he did not get the nomination, if there is a fair chance of electing the ticket. I would not like to see him run and be defeated with an considerable pile of money irrevocably lost - as was my experience. It is a hopeful sign that Copperheads have got tired of Vallandigham. I hope he will be beaten 50,000, but it will require work. There is an ugly *feeling* among the ignorant Democrats which I am afraid Seymour and the like of him *are* trying to use to bring about a revolution in the north, and I am afraid the administration has not the courage to deal as boldly with the crisis as it should. Mrs M Elrath + Miss *?* have gone to Coney Island for the benefit of *Fanny + Kelly's* health. The *father's* report a marvelous improvement from a single day's sojourn there. They have both had the summer complaint pretty badly. - Dr *Randall's* little girl is better. -- I am very thankful that our little ones have kept so well this summer In New York the mortality among children has been awful. -- There are some signs that indicate that I am to be ordered to the regt, but this can hardly be before the first of next month. This I suppose will prevent me *from* coming out to see you as I had hoped *?* #than expected. I would have been a great comfort to *me* to have seen you again before going to the field, but I very much fear this not to be.# #*?* should turn out as I fear *?* you will try *to bear* the disappointment with fortitude, however *grievous* it may be. Love to thee and the little ones + many kisses, Thine LBB#



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